Missing Person Case Solved Amid Gabby Petito Search

The death of Gabby Petito has grasped headlines like few missing person cases have before. Law enforcement is continuing to literally stumble upon many other bodies located in the same part of Wyoming where Petito’s body was found. One discovery has a pretty tragic backstory.

A Tragic Discovery Amidst The Search For Gabby Petito

The disappearance of Petito forced law enforcement to canvas remote sections of Wyoming, and it’s caused an increased interest in one of the least populated parts of the United States. In the midst of one of these searches, law enforcement found the body of Robert Lowery, 46, who appeared to have died by suicide from a shot to the head. 

His body was discovered on September 28 on the Black Canyon Trail, the same area where Petito was discovered 9 days earlier. Lowery was from Texas and journeyed to Jackson Hole after losing his real estate job. He went missing on August 20, and there were no leads initially. Once the search for Petito began in earnest, multiple folks brought information to the authorities about Lowery.

The local sheriff’s deputy said, “you never know what little bit of information could help…. Hopefully, more tips will come in to help these other families.” Missing person cases can be especially gutwrenching because of the ambiguity. Finding a body can help provide closure, and allow family and friends to enter the grieving process with increased certainty.

Leaving Behind A Grieving Family

Lowery left behind two children Meredith, 12, and Luke, 15. His family has launched a GoFundMe to help raise money for the children’s future. The page says, “the children will have the unconditional love and support our full extended family; however, in the wake of their father’s unexpected death, we want to ensure that they are best set up for their future.”

The true media frenzy around Petito can be found in the Lowery case. The GoFundMe has already raised over $50K, no doubt thanks to the geography involved. Petito’s death sparked a powder keg, with her Instagram page growing exponentially. Everyone from Howard Stern to John Walsh has a take, but most missing person cases don’t get a fraction of this attention. Lowery’s phone line going from empty to tipped is a reminder to speak up.

What’s The Latest on Brian Laundrie

As for the Petito case, every day there seems to be a new headline about where fiance Brian Laundrie might be. As of right now, he’s still off the grid and the manhunt continues. Once he’s found, he’s going to face a litany of charges not helped by what looks like an escape. Here’s hoping he’s found sooner rather than latter.


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