Model claps back at photographer who tells her to not eat for two weeks before shoot

A 22-year-old influencer from Antwerp, Belgium, hit back at a photographer after he allegedly told her to not eat for two weeks to prepare for an upcoming photo shoot.

Captioned, ‘I was at my shoot today and the photographer told me not to eat until the next shoot so I would lose weight’, Lize Dzjabrailova’s (@thewizardliz) TikTok showed her in a photography studio before starting a shoot organised by an unidentified clothing company.

In the TikTok, which has racked up a staggering 19 million views, Lize can be heard saying: “You can’t tell people not to eat until the next shoot because that will develop an eating disorder”, before proceeding to stand her ground against the unidentified photographer.

She later explained in a separate video that she was initially “mad” at her friend for recording the incident as it was such a vulnerable moment for her.

“You are very lucky that I am secure in my body and that I love myself”, she said.

“But if there was another model who is standing here and was insecure in her body, that one comment you made would make her go insane.

“She could literally stop eating, her hair would fall out, her organs can die. She could die because of that one comment you made.”

“You should watch how you talk to people. I shouldn’t lose anything, because I am already very skinny.

“But even if I wasn’t, you can’t tell me what to do with my body.

“You should watch what you tell people, because it can really damage them.”

Lize took to the comments section in response to TikTokers’ comments saying she should have taken it as advice. ‘My sizes are EXTRA SMALL’, she said. ‘I am underweight for my height!’

“Telling me not to eat is not advice! This is inhumane and dangerous!”

Liza wasn’t planning on sharing the clip online but soon realised that she could raise awareness through her platform. Her follow-up video provided further context to what the photographer allegedly said, where she thanked followers for the show of love and support in the caption.

“When I got to the studio, the photographer told me in two weeks I would have another job”, she said.

“He went on to say that it would be better if I didn’t eat for two weeks straight so that I would look skinnier in the pictures.

“I was basically in shock and just quiet for a minute, staring at him. That’s when my friend started to film.”

Lize claimed to have walked off set after the incident and confirmed that the company called to apologise in an attempt to reschedule with a different photographer – to which she declined.

“I’ve always been told by men what to eat, when to stop eating. I should not be told what to do with my body.

“The one thing that is so important is to have boundaries. People will always love to test how far they can go with you”, she added.

Lize later confirmed in the comments that the photographer was allegedly fired following the incident.


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