Moms are coming after me after I ‘hung’ my baby in his carrier from a clothes rack – I had no other choice

MOM SHAMERS will often target a parent when they do something they don’t agree with.

This mom found herself on the hot seat when she decided to hang her son from a clothing rack while she tried on a few dresses.


A mom was faced with an issue when she had nowhere to put her baby while trying on clothesCredit: TikTok
She came up with an interesting solution


She came up with an interesting solutionCredit: TikTok

Mom Sara Attar, who will often film vlogs with her baby, began the conversation when she shared a video of herself and her son inside a dressing room.

The devoted mom had gone into the store with her baby attached to her chest on a carrier.

However, when she found a couple of pieces she wanted to try on, she was faced with an issue: she had nowhere to put him down.

Because the dressing room lacked a chair or a bench, she refused to put him on the dirty floor.

Instead, she “hung” him by the carrier straps on the very sturdy clothing rack.

Her son seemed happy and entertained as she filmed him hanging on the wall.

She said: “I had nowhere to put my baby while I tried on clothes in the fitting room…”

Following her posting the video, many took to the comments to both slam her and praise her for making it work.

One person wrote: “I’m going to be real honest, I work in retail and our racks are study but I still wouldn’t trust them.”

A second one commented: “I legit would have laid him down on the floor on my shirt. This is golden but thank goodness that shelf was sturdy!”

As for the ones praising her, many applauded her for her quick thinking.

One person wrote: “No one better start with her. This is such a raw mom moment.”

A second one shared: “This just shows that doing a daily simple task with kids can be hard! My baby too fat, he would have taken down the whole wall.”

And a third one commented: “This is innovative. Install some hooks in your home.”

Previously, another mom had been slammed for leaving her sleeping child on a car seat outside of the bathroom while she showered.

Sonya Sed shared how it took six minutes in total to quickly rinse her body before getting back to her baby.

But Sonya revealed how she’d been mom-shamed by viewers who criticized her for the idea.

Some fellow moms shamed her for using a car seat specifically as they claimed that the position of the baby’s head could cut off oxygen flow.

When one person asked her if she had no other place to put the sleeping baby, she said: “Actually, I have plenty of options but this is where he fell asleep on our walk, so I took advantage and showered.”

Following the negative comments she had received at the time, she was forced to share a second video.

“I literally took a six-minute body wash with my two-year-old cause moms have to make it work when we can!

“Also, people relax! I know what’s safe and unsafe for my baby.”

She simply hung him from the clothing rack


She simply hung him from the clothing rackCredit: TikTok
He seemed happy and saved, but still, she was criticized


He seemed happy and saved, but still, she was criticizedCredit: TikTok

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