Moviezwap Website 2021 – Telugu Tamil Hindi Movies Watch Online – is it safe?


MoviezWap is a website that allows you to download motion pictures of different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Urdu without paying any charges. It is a pirated site that shows copyrighted and duplicated motion pictures without having any proper license. Downloading motion pictures from MoviezWap is not safe and hence, illegal.

The user can watch the newest films with this site with excellent audio quality. When compared to other websites similar to this, it is much better than the other websites. The site offers many Tamil and Bollywood movies. The users can watch the latest motion pictures in high resolutions also. 

History Of MoviezWap Site

MoviezWap is used for watching motion pictures of different languages. If you want to watch any movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Hollywood movies, it is crucial to use Proxy. It supplies a web-based streaming facility for the visitors. The site provides excellent sound quality to the customers. Users can easily download Tamil and Hindi movies from Bollyshare in different resolutions with the help of hyperlinks provided by the site. 

How Does MoviezWap Site Work?

The users can easily download motion pictures without putting too much effort into it. You can watch films on cell phones and computers as well. The downloading process in MoviezWap is straightforward and simple. The site offers motion pictures in different resolutions as per the suitability of the customers. The customers are mechanically redirected to another webpage and through this website, earn the profit. The site provides a search bar to the users to download the most famous movies for download.

Is it safe To Access MoviezWap Site?

No, downloading motion pictures from MoviezWap is not at all safe. The website shows the pirated content that violates the anti-piracy laws. The government of India has prohibited these sites with the regulation of the law of anti-piracy. We do not promote MoviezWap website or any site similar to this one.

The Indian government can give punishment to everyone who violates the law of anti-piracy. Therefore, the visitors should stay away from the website as it does not follow the anti-piracy laws and regulations. It is better to avoid these websites as it can cause them severe punishments. 

Is it legal To Use MoviezWap Site?

You must be aware that the government of India has banned these types of sites that violate the anti-piracy laws. MoviezWap is a type of torrent website which shows the pirated content to its users without having any proper license for it. MoviezWap is an illegal website, and we do not promote such kind of websites here.

The Indian government has banned those sites which violate anti-piracy laws and regulation. It is not recommended to use these kinds of websites to download Bollywood motion pictures from MoviezWap. Use that website that has a proper license for this and is legal in all the aspects to follow the anti-piracy laws. 

Alternatives to MoviezWap site

There are several other options when it comes to downloading films and TV Series for free. Most of the sites mentioned below are the perfect alternatives to MoviezWap:

Specialties of MoviezWap site

Though downloading movies from this website is considered illegal and not safe. Some features collect the engagement of a lot of people. MoviezWap is better than other sites similar to this one in comparison. Some of those features that make MoviezWap unique are mentioned below. 

  • Users can download their favorite movies here without charging any fees.
  • The customers can easily download motion pictures, as it has a very user-friendly interface.
  • The customers can watch motion pictures on mobile phones and, computers as well. 
  • The site provides a wide variety of motion pictures in different languages other than Hindi, like Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. 
  • The users can use superior chrome extensions to watch Tamil and Telugu movies. 
  • The process of downloading motion pictures from MoviezWap is straightforward and easy. 


We are not promoting these websites in any way. These websites are made to download movies that are duplicated and copyrighted. These sites are not at all legal and safe. If you want to download the latest videos, download them from a secured and legitimate site. 

We, as law-abiding citizens of India, should not support these kinds of the website as they violate anti-piracy rules and regulations. The sole purpose of this article is to spread awareness amongst the readers about these pirated websites. 


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