Mum furious as present she made for 15-year-old stepson branded ‘inappropriate’

One mum was feeling happy with herself for making a unique birthday gift for her 15-year-old stepson.

However, many branded it “inappropriate” when she shared it online.

The parent proudly showed off her fun idea, which was made up using a range of gift cards and cash, in an Australiam Facebook group.

However, fellow parents quickly pointed out one major ‘oversight’.

Along with a gift card to buy a new computer game and $50 (£30) cash attached to a letter board, the woman also included a gift card for an Australian store called Smokecart.

The store is known for a range of cigarettes, vapes and tobacco products, Seven News reports, although you can also buy a range of gifts, toys, homewares and clothing there too.

People online quickly branded it ‘inappropriate’ though

The choice of gift card left many Facebook users baffled and they questioned the mum of the ‘inappropriate’ gift.

“Sorry, but giving a 15-year-old a Smokemart gift card? Classy,” on Facebook user commented.

While another added: “I think it’s lovely you made him this and it’s a thoughtful gift, but I probably wouldn’t have given the Smokemart voucher even though they sell other things. He is a teenage boy and the temptation to buy cigarettes is there.”

Teen boy holding a red gift box
Some defended the mum over the gift

The woman hit out at critics and defended the gift, insisting he could buy a lot more than just cigarettes there.

“I love that you are concerned for him but he didn’t actually buy any smokes from there, I went down with him and he picked out a GIFT of his choice,” she reportedly wrote.

“So next time you want to stick your nose in someone else’s business, find out the facts first!”

Despite the backlash, many praised the “thoughtful” idea, with some even saying they’d love to replicate it.

“I buy heaps of gifts from Smokemart. It’s my go-to when I’m a little stuck on a gift for someone. This looks awesome!” said one person.

“Awesome! What a great idea for a present. 15 yo are so difficult to buy for,” added another.

Someone who works at the store also defended the thoughtful gift.

“Just came here to say I work for Smokemart and have for nearly five years, we definitely sell much much much more than tobacco and vapes,” she said.

“If not my trauma from pallet deliveries at Christmas time with stock must be fake. He can score a pretty sick lava lamp or a board game for $30!”

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