Mum reveals cringe moment her toddler accidentally filmed her in the shower on Instagram Live

Distracting kids with technology such as a tablet or smart phone is sometimes the only way for parents to get things done, but one mum has shared a story that might put you off from doing this ever again.

Wanting to take a shower, mum and TikToker Brianna (@bri.anna89) handed her phone over to her toddler daughter so she was entertained – but it was a decision she would later come to regret.

“It was a preschool learning game that she plays often,” she explained, providing some context.

Though things didn’t go to plan as Brianna’s shower was soon interrupted.

“Next thing I know she is knocking on my door asking me to help her fix something,” the TikToker said.

“I of course tell her to come in so I can help so she can keep playing. She hands me the phone while I am in the shower.”

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When Brianna look at her screen, she was startled to see that her daughter had managed to leave the pre-school learning game and had somehow managed to get on her mum’s Instagram account – and she had only gone and hit the “LIVE” button.

“I quickly realise that my phone is broadcasting LIVE on Instagram. In my hand. While I am in the shower,” she added.

The second-hand embarrassment is real.

Since sharing her cringe-worthy story, Brianna’s video had received over 330,000 views, along with over 26,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who shared some similar smartphone errors their children have made.

One person wrote: “My niece ordered 158 parfaits from McDonald’s through UberEats.”

“No lie this happened to me but my daughter shared a live video of me in the tub on fb [Facebook],” another person said.

Someone else replied: “My foster son who was 8 at the time spent $6k on GoPros on Amazon.”

“Mine took a Snapchat photo of me on the toilet and sent it to like 3 people. One of them being my friend’s mom,” a fourth person replied.

While someone else offered some advice to avoid this kind of mishap from happening again.

“I’m sorry that happened to you,” someone wrote. “I have some advice, download app lock and you put a pin on all the apps you don’t want your kids getting into.”

Another piece of advice from people was to use the guided access option if you have an iPhone.

Let’s hope one of those tricks works next time…


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