Mum saves £600 after reviving her old dining chairs with £22 eBay hack

A woman has revealed how she worked her magic on her dining room chairs to make them look brand new.

Sophie Mallon, from Manchester, saved nearly £600 on having to reupholster her seats with a hidden secret.

She knew that fixing the chairs would break the bank, so instead she turned to eBay to help her.

The DIY queen took a risk and decided to buy some stylish seat covers for £22 a set.

Speaking to, Sophie said: “Reupholstering chairs costs a fortune.

“Instead, I found this miracle product online that saved me £100s. I took matters into my own hands, and I am so glad I did.”

She bought the cover from eBay

She added: “I believed that fixing the dreary seats would have me break the piggy bank.

“Even worse, looking into the cost of buying a new set of dining chairs made me terrified that I need a bigger piggy bank.

“My first thought was to have a professional look into repairing the chairs.

“But, when I saw the exorbitant prices that they were charging, I knew there must be a better way to get the job done.”

Sophie bought a set of affordable and stylish seat covers from eBay for just £22.

They were easy to install onto the chair and it took Sophie just a few minutes to do.

She added: “With a tiny bit of elbow grease they fitted on perfectly over my dining chairs and made them look as good as new.

“I am so happy with the results, and for £22 it’s like I’ve just bought a new set of dining chairs.”

Sophie Mallon's chairs before and after she bought the covers
It made the chairs look totally different

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Now Sophie is sharing her top tips for people who want to revive their furniture on a budget.

She continued: “Sometimes, the answer is closer than you think. Read, Research & Repeat.

“The 3 R’s are how I found the best solution that was: quick, easy-to-do and affordable.”

Stuart McClure, an expert from, said: “I know that it will inspire countless others to find creative solutions.”


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