Mum shares ‘disgusting’ way she told her man she was pregnant using a McDonald’s ice-cream-but not everyone’s convinced

A WOMEN’S bizarre pregnancy announcement has gone viral – and she presented her man with a positive test stuck in a McDonald’s ice cream.

After filmed herself revealing her baby news so uniquely – viewers have reacted by being sceptical of the ‘new mum’.


The woman hid her ‘pregnancy test’ in a McDonald’s ice creamCredit: TikTok/@joshandlisa
The 'unsuspecting new dad' began to cry when he found out.


The ‘unsuspecting new dad’ began to cry when he found out.Credit: TikTok/@joshandlisa

Revealing the couples’ moment on TikTok channel @Joshandlisa – the video shows a woman handing her man an ice cone with her pregnancy test stuck in.

It takes the man a while to eat his ice cream, while the woman starts talking about giving him something he “always wanted.”

Her significant other asks: “Do you know what a brain freeze is?” while their friend stares with her mouth open apparently confused.

When the woman says: “There is something that is really exciting about a brain freeze,” the penny seems to drop for the friend, almost as if rehearsed.

“You’ve always wanted one right, you’ve always wanted a brain freeze, and now it is time for us to have a brain freeze together,” gushes the woman.

Eventually, the man discovers the test and along with the friend joining them begins to ‘cry’ but viewers are not convinced.

In the video that has 11.5 million views, TikTok users explain why they don’t believe the video is real.

“First response tests are pink dye not blue. Someone wrote with a pen, plus those lines are too dark,” commented one person.

“That wasn’t acted out at all” sarcastically reacted another.

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Viewers believe the video is staged as the couple's friend begins to cry before anything is even revealed.


Viewers believe the video is staged as the couple’s friend begins to cry before anything is even revealed.Credit: TikTok/@joshandlisa
In the comments, people say they feel the video is staged.


In the comments, people say they feel the video is staged.Credit: TikTok/@joshandlisa


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