Mum shares the easy ‘breakfast station’ she made which is perfect for helping everyone get out the door on time

A savvy mum has shared how she has made breakfast times easier in the mornings by creating an incredible breakfast station for her daughter.

The breakfast station allows her daughter to safely serve her on breakfast – and her daughter apparently loves the new setup. 


The savvy mum used a basket to create a grab-and-go breakfast stationCredit: @jessmason90/Tiktok
Jess filled the basket with grab-and-go snacks for her daughter


Jess filled the basket with grab-and-go snacks for her daughterCredit: @jessmason90/Tiktok

TikTok user @jessmason90 shared a video showing how she created the handy self-serve breakfast station that features two cereal dispensers and a basket packed full of ‘grab and go’ snacks. 

In the comments section, Jess revealed that the cereal dispensers were from Amazon and the snacks were from Aldi.

The smart mum has also added a selection of fresh fruit to the breakfast station to encourage her daughter to eat a healthy and balanced diet. 

The now-viral TikTok video is captioned: ‘I made a grab and go breakfast station for my daughter’. 

In the TikTok video, Jess fills the colourful basket with a selection of Frosties cereal bars, Go Ahead bars, fresh fruit, Fruit Flakes, and other breakfast snacks – all foods her daughter loves. 

The breakfast station hack sent TikTok wild, with one user commenting: “such a cool creative idea”.

Another added: “Love this”

While most TikTok users loved the concept, some were unsure how long the breakfast station would last, with one user commenting: “Love this but my kids are savages and would destroy this in 1/2 hour lol”.

The idea behind the breakfast station is to create an easy, safe, and mess-free way for her daughter to help herself to breakfast, making busy mornings easier and less stressful for the whole family. 

The breakfast station makes busy mornings easier


The breakfast station makes busy mornings easierCredit: @jessmason90/Tiktok
The mum added fresh fruit to the breakfast station


The mum added fresh fruit to the breakfast stationCredit: @jessmason90/Tiktok

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