Mum transforms her daughter’s tiny box room into a rainbow wonderland with a TREEHOUSE and she only spent £40

A THRIFTY mum-of-two has turned her daughter’s box bedroom into a rainbow-themed space complete with a custom treehouse bed – and it cost her just £40.

Student Midwife, Kelly Beagley, 32, from Northamptonshire, wanted to renovate her three-year-old daughter Jessica’s bedroom so she could have more space to play.


Kelly created a and her daughter Jessica,Credit: Jam Press
Jessica's bedroom before the makeover


Jessica’s bedroom before the makeoverCredit: Jam Press

She purchased a £10 toddler bed frame from a charity shop, five pieces of stud work timber from Wickes at £5 each, and tester paint pots for 50p each.

Kelly re-used two IKEA Kallax units which she already had at home, wood from Jessica’s old bed, a rug and a second-hand wardrobe.

First, Kelly placed the Kallax units on the floor as a base for the toddler bed frame.

Then, she placed part of Jessica’s old bed on the units before securing timber to the walls.

Using wood from the old bed, Kelly built a little roof angling up to the ceiling and the front of the bed featuring a window.

Kelly then hand-painted rainbows on the walls.

The entire bedroom renovation took three days to complete, costing Kelly just £40.

She said: “Jessica was really excited, she sat on her bed and said her room looked amazing.

“We had debated doing this room for a while and so if I were to give anyone advice, I would say to just take the plunge and do it because it’s so much better now.

“There are lots of videos and ideas online so even if you’re unsure on something, you can find the help and answers easily.”

She posted photos of her daughter’s bedroom makeover on Facebook, which gained over 2,900 likes as users praised the mum for a job well done.

One wrote: “Such an amazing change adorable little room!”

Another added: “Looks amazing! Well done!”

Someone else said: “Ummm…you can be my mom. I’m 44, but I’d still LOVE THIS!!!!”

A fourth said: “Wow. What a great idea/job. Well done to you and your partner.” [sic]

A fifth added: “Fantastic use of the space wow.”

The bedroom has a rainbow theme


The bedroom has a rainbow themeCredit: Jam Press
Jessica loves her new bedroom


Jessica loves her new bedroomCredit: Jam Press

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