Mum uses TOOTHPASTE to make her white walls spotless after her toddler draws all over them

TO avoid all the frustration of scrubbing – or even repainting your walls after your kids use them as a colouring canvass – one mum suggests using toothpaste to clean it.

To remove your kids ‘artwork’ – the mum demonstrates how toothpaste does all the work for you.


The mum swears by toothpaste to remove the markersCredit: Tiktok/@leighsphotogrpahy09
Barely scrubbing- all traces of scribbles are removed.


Barely scrubbing- all traces of scribbles are removed.Credit: Tiktok/@leighsphotogrpahy09

Taking to her TikTok channel, the mum reveals how she uses this clever trick, by holding up a canvas covered in scribbles from her daughter.

Holding up a tube of toothpaste, she squirts some over the writing, and after waiting a few minutes the woman wipes the board clean, causing all traces of the mischievous colouring to vanish.

The woman, who posts under the domain @leighsphotogrpahy09 titled the video”‘Toothpaste takes sharpie (markers) off things – tip for mums with monkey toddlers!”

The mum, who states in her bio that she is a “mummy to a princess” shares many home hacks and has over 16k likes on her channel.

One of the popular tips she has shared with her followers includes how to make a homemade ‘straightening cream’ for her hair.

In the video that she captioned “Homemade hair straightening cream!!! It actually worked!!!” she explained how she made the product with blended cooked rice, cornflour and milk and oil.

In the comments, TikTok users thanked her for sharing the DIY hack, after showing the results of her silky smooth hair.

“Wow, what did you use” commented one person.

Another comment read: “Awesome, I’m definitely gonna try it thanks.”

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Toothpaste and a cloth are all the mum uses


Toothpaste and a cloth are all the mum usesCredit: Tiktok/@leighsphotogrpahy09


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