Mum who has spent £300k becoming real-life Barbie ‘threw a COMPUTER SCREEN at nurses in rampage of anger’

A REAL-life ‘Barbie’ threw a computer screen at nurses and chucked hot plates in a “rampage of anger” at a hospital, a court heard today.

Kerry Miles, who has spent £300,000 on surgery to transform herself into the plastic doll, took herself to hospital during the pandemic despite being told she should not be there.

But the 37-year-old allegedly flew into a rage when she was told her visit to an elderly relative last August was outside of her arranged hour slot.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard how the 5ft 6ins blonde chucked computer screens and folders at a nurse – leaving her with severe bruising.

She allegedly called her a “sl*t” as she screamed and shouted on the ward of Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Miles also threw hot plates across the ward after the nurse tried to negotiate with her about finding a better time to visit which did not breach social distancing guidelines, it was said.

Giving evidence, ward sister Isobelle Dobson told the court today: “Her eyes were very wide. She sat forward in her chair and she pointed her finger at me.”

Ms Dobson said she returned to desk to begin writing a report when Miles allegedly launched into a foul-mouthed tirade.

She added: “She called me a sl*t, she called me a sl*g, told me to f**k off and said I was rude etc – that she was not happy with me.

“Kerry became enraged and began throwing anything it seemed that was in front of her, to start with it was pens and papers.

“Then she picked up a folder – it hit me to my right forearm. I suffered a large black bruise across the top of my arm.”

The court heard how after she threw the first folder, Miles then picked up a second and launched it.

Ms Dobson wept as she added: “After the second folder I put myself in a brace position. As I came out of the brace position she had picked up a computer and threw it at me – it was a desktop computer screen.

“Next thing I remember Kerry was still in a rampage of anger… there was screaming and shouting.

“I remember seeing Kerry going to the crash trolley with the de-fib and she tried picking up what she could to throw.”


Ms Dobson claimed she was so upset by the alleged incident she accidentally dialled for a crash team, instead of security.

The court also heard evidence from health care assistant Angela Horler, who said Miles threw a punch at her.

She also alleged Miles continued swearing and calling staff “whores” and “sl*gs”.

The court heard how Miles also drove her Range Rover Vogue at security staff in the car park after leaving the ward.

The beauty therapist, of Chelmsford, Essex, denies driving without due care and attention, three counts of assault by beating on an emergency worker and criminal damage.

It was previously reported the Essex mum has spent a decade transforming herself into plastic doll Barbie, with two nose jobs, two boob jobs taking her from a 32B to a 28G.

She publicly talked about botox and fillers in her cheek and lips, make-up, fake tan, hair extensions, teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures, fake eyelashes and expensive designer clothes.

In 2019 the mum-of-one was told by her surgeon that her obsession with plastic surgery had gone a step too far and he banned her from having any more work done.

Miles at a previous court appearance


Miles at a previous court appearanceCredit: East News



Miles is accused of attacking the workers after being asked to leave the hospitalCredit: Caters News Agency

The 'real-life Barbie' allegedly punched a nurse


The ‘real-life Barbie’ allegedly punched a nurse

Miles also swore at a nurse, it was said


Miles also swore at a nurse, it was saidCredit: Instagram/uk.barbie



She spent a decade transforming herself into plastic doll BarbieCredit: Instagram/uk.barbie

Miles had two boob jobs taking her from a 32B to a 28G


Miles had two boob jobs taking her from a 32B to a 28GCredit: Instagram/uk.barbie


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