Mum’s heartbreaking Reddit post after death of newborn

A grieving mum has detailed her devastation after being cruelly tormented by her family just months after the death of her baby.

Grieving the loss of a child is a horrific process for anyone to go through.

Anyone who finds themselves in that unimaginable situation needs constant support, care and love.

Unfortunately though, one woman shared how during a short stay with her family she received the exact opposite, The Sun reported.

The distraught mum took to Reddit to explain that her family didn’t seem to understand, or even care that she was still in mourning after losing her child just months earlier.

The woman said she was living with her parents temporarily while her husbands searched for a new place for them to rent.

She explained that she and her husband had five

children – two toddlers and triplets, who were born just over five months ago.

Tragically the mum-of-five said the couple lost one of her sons when he was just two months old.

“Talking about babies is a touchy subject, as one would expect,” she said.

“I refuse to not talk about my son. He’s just as much my child as my other four, and he always deserves to be mentioned.

While staying with her parents briefly though, she said there were several moments where her painful experience had been dismissed.

“When we’re talking to family and what not, things can get a little awkward. I try not to correct anyone when they’re referred to as twins, even if it does upset me some.”

Both her mum and sister had made comments saying that she had not five, but four children — suggestions that upset her deeply.

“My mum made a comment about my four children, I snapped and told her I have five kids, and she ought to remember that,” she said.

“My sister then got involved, and essentially told me to just ‘give up on my triplet dream’ because all I do is make everyone uncomfortable when I mention him.”

The distraught mum continued: “I was pretty inconsolable, and it delved into a fight after I’d got the kids upstairs.

“It wasn’t very long, maybe ten minutes, I can’t leave the kids unsupervised. But in that ten minutes I called her a cold hearted b—-, and told her she would never understand the suffering of losing a child.

“She called me dramatic, [and my] parents told me if I didn’t calm down they’d be forced to kick me out, so I went upstairs.”

Tensions mounted in the home in the following days, she recalled.

After the fight, she said “everything has been ten times more awkward, and my sister is still acting all upset because I hurt her feelings”.

“[My] parents tossed out over two hundred ounces of pumped milk which really iced the cake.

“[My sister] basically told me my dead baby was unimportant, and I’m being treated like some kind of monster for insulting her.”

The woman said that she apologised to her sister in order to keep the peace but fellow Reddit users were outraged on her behalf.

One said: “You had triplets. You get to mention all your children whenever it suits you.

“And it is totally fair to get mad if someone denies you that. Your sister needs to learn how to support people experiencing grief.”

Another added: “Triplet dream? Your children are triplets, it’s not a dream. You literally lost a child and your family’s approach is to act like the child never existed. I am so sorry for your loss.”

A third said: “I have three kiddos. My oldest passed away 10 weeks before my youngest was born.

“When I am asked how many children I have, I say three and our oldest passed away. NO ONE has the right to tell you how to feel about losing a child.

“No one has the right to put their discomfort over yours in regards to something like this. You have five children, that is not ever going to be changed by one having passed on.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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