My husband is a sleaze

A WOMAN is questioning whether she should leave her sleazy husband and end her friendship with a fellow mum after she caught them flirting with each other on a play date.

Posting a comment on Mumsnet, the woman said she and her husband are trying to work on their relationship but she is questioning whether to ditch her friend entirely.


The woman is questioning whether to end her friendshipCredit: Getty – Contributor

“Long story cut short, I’m married to an ogler/sleaze. The things got so bad that I’ve told him I want to separate and eventually divorce,” she wrote.

“He’s been in agony for the last two weeks or so, not sleeping, begging me to give him another chance, telling me it’s all in my head etc.

“I haven’t told anyone about this and we are behaving as if we are a happy family in front of others.”


She went on to explain that last Sunday she invited a friend over that she met a few months ago.

Both women’s daughters have been having play dates with each other but the friend had never met the husband previously.

“On Sunday she came over with her darling daughter and darling husband. And the inevitable happened. My husband was being quietly flirtatious with her whilst I was making food for everyone in the kitchen,” she explained.

“I came back to the living room to witness her giving him flirtatious looks too, which made me realise he has absolutely no limits. He’d ogle anyone, anywhere. However, I was surprised she responded!! And it carried on until they left. My heart sunk again, but I’m so used to it.”

The woman revealed that she doesn’t know how she is meant to meet up with the woman again as the trust is now “completely broken”.

She questioned what others would do in the situation and whether they would still meet up with her for the sake of their daughters.

“My marriage is an ordeal, I know. That’s a separate story,” she said.

“What I’m trying to say is, we were still trying to work on our marriage and this other couple don’t know what we are going through, we are supposed to be a happy family.”

People were divided in the comments, with some saying she should ditch them both, while others were saying she should give the woman a second chance.

“Yeah, that isn’t someone you want to spend time with, even if your DH was Pope Francis,” one person wrote.

“I wouldn’t want to continue a friendship with her even if I trusted him to the ends of the earth. As it is, you might be working on your relationship but he clearly isn’t,” another said.

“I would drop them both, don’t allow anyone to disrespect you like this,” a third person said.

One commenter said she should think twice before removing the friend from her life.

They commented: “You don’t know why she was responding though. It could be that she fancies him like mad. Or that she felt ‘oh, this must be how they do things around here, must be harmless fun’. Or that she felt creeped out and thought she had better go along with it in case he got nasty at some point.”

Another person on the thread told the woman that her husband is trying to con her with “crocodile tears”.

The wife responded: “Yes, I know. We’ve been there before about 18 months ago and he hasn’t stopped his behaviour. If anything, it got worse. I believe it’s an addiction. It gives him a creepy satisfaction, especially when he gets some sort of positive feedback.”

The woman revealed she is going to work on her marriage


The woman revealed she is going to work on her marriageCredit: Getty – Contributor

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