‘My seven-year-old son expects Tooth Fairy to put £100 under his pillow’

Most of us were chuffed to get £1 every time the “Tooth Fairy” visited us as children – but one little boy proudly declared he is expecting £100 to be popped under his pillow.

Mum-of-two Roxy Jacenko, a PR guru from Australia, shared a picture of the light-hearted moment on Instagram.

According to Kidspot, Roxy’s son Hunter proudly showed off his missing tooth on camera.

The seven-year-old exclaimed: “I lost my tooth”, before popping it into a pouch for safe-keeping.

In the short clip, Roxy replies: “What are you doing with it?”

And Hunter explained: “I’m putting it where the Tooth Fairy can [bring me] money.”

Roxy asked her son how much cash he was expecting to find the next morning.

And her jaw probably dropped when he replied $200 AUD, which is equivalent to around £107.

While it’s not clear if the “Tooth Fairy” fulfilled this request, Roxy’s kids are used to the finer things in life.

Recently, the businesswoman treated her daughter Pixie on her 10th birthday.

She bought her a pile of presents, which included a £265 pair of neon Balenciaga sliders and pricey Prada bag.

Roxy Jacenko son Hunter
Hunter is expecting more than £100 from the Tooth Fairy
(Image: roxyjacenko/Instagram)
Roxy Jacenko and kids
Roxy’s children have been treated to designer clothes and even cars
(Image: roxyjacenko/Instagram)

The 41-year-old has also bought her kids a car – even though they’re too young to drive.

And previously, Roxy clapped back at people who questioned why she bought her daughter a £43,000 Mercedes.

She told news.com.au: “It’s of utmost importance to me that both she and her brother Hunter travel safely on the roads when going to and from school so I purchased a car for her.

“Obviously she doesn’t drive it, she is driven in it as is her brother to and from school and for any activities.

“Given the number of fatalities on our roads their safety is so important so if it means buying a car that has extra safety features that’s what I’ll do.”


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