Mysterious ‘UFO’ seen flying in the sky on night of US rocket launch

A mysterious conical object was seen hovering through the sky over Hull, Yorkshire, on Monday night. It is thought it could have been part of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket re-entering the atmosphere

A mysterious UFO was spotted silently moving through the skies above Yorkshire last night.

Locals in Hull were left baffled by the “unnatural” triangular light which hovered through the air before heading northwards – and is thought to have been part of the US rocket launch.

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base at 11.12am local time (7.12pm GMT) on Monday.

It is thought the unidentified conical object seen by those in northern England was parts of the rocket re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, reports HullLive.

One witness said: “It was a huge white triangle in the sky no noise at all, no planes showing up on the flight tracker, has to be something in orbit but was something I’ve never seen before, and to say how high it was the projected light must have been miles wide.”

Another added: “It was a triangle of light moving across the sky, it was so unnatural.”

Others said that where they were the object seemed to float in the sky, hovering above them for some time before it moved.

The Atlas V rocket successfully carried Landsat 9 — a NASA satellite meant to help monitor Earth’s land and coastal regions — into orbit before separating and moving to a lower orbit to deploy rideshare Cubesats.

According to NASA, Landsat 9 can take more than 700 images of Earth per day.

The launch had previously been delayed because of supply chain troubles that limited access to liquid nitrogen.

In related news, physical debris from two alleged UFO crash sites over the past 70 years has been examined in a lab, it has been confirmed.

A new state-of-the-art machine has enabled scientists at Stanford University, California, to study in-depth was what collected.

Metal debris from UFO cases dating as far back as 1947 have been investigated after being obtained through on field research of supposed crashes in Colombia and Argentina.

The new “multi-parameter ion beam imager” gives scientists the chance to look at the atomic structure of a selected material.

It also comes after a man in the US claimed aliens had ruined his life by inserting a nanochip in his arm.

Steve Colbern claimed that he had been taken aboard a UFO “hundreds of times” by aliens that looked like “typical greys”, and that he’s been abducted so many times that his perspective on life has changed.

He blames the encounters with ending his marriage and him losing his job.

Mr Colbern claims incident began when he found a UFO hovering over his avocado tree, before he was then pulled up into the spaceship by a green light beam.

Then, he was led to a medical station and told to lie down and when he returned to Earth nothing was the same.


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