Netflix Kingdom Season 2 Release Date, Plot – heads to Netflix in March 2020


Kingdom, the Netflix Original series is based on a popular Korean Webcomic namely, Land of the Gods authored by Kim Eun-hee. By the looks of it, Kim Eun-hee is a notable screenwriter and playwright who is based in Korea. Moreover, Kim Eun-hee also serves as the writer of the series which is adapted for the mainstream audience.

It is important to note that the series has a distinctive cast, story, cinematography and artistic approach towards a conventional zombie inspired picturesque. The popularity of the series indicates why everyone has fallen in love with the Korean Netflix Series.

Whatever has taken place in Kingdom is not half of the story which has been adapted from the Webcomic. The second season of Kingdom is going to be the last one and the creator of the series has packed great things for the finale. On the other hand, the Kingdom has also become one of the best Original series that Netflix offers.

As far as the renewal of the second season of Kingdom is concerned, the confirmation was made much before the first season premiered on Netflix. The second season of Kingdom is heading to Netflix on the 13th of March 2020. The news of the renewal was confirmed via tweets which came into being by several of Netflix’s Twitter accounts.

What will happen in the second season?

The undead horde is just moments away from attacking Sangju. Prince Chang was shocked to learn from his fellow defenders that the horde of undead are still active even when there is no sun. The undead aren’t scared of the sun rather the warmth. It would be interesting to see how the living will prevail over the undead in the second season of Kingdom.


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