Nigella Lawson disgusts fans as she shares swine trotter recipe with them

Cookery queen Nigella Lawson has been accused of making a pig’s ear of her latest recipe.

Fans said they would “rather starve” than eat her meal of swine trotter with mashed potato, curly kale and gravy.

Nigella, 61, shared the recipe with her 2.6million fans on Instagram.

However, many weren’t impressed as they exclaimed their disgust.

One commented: “Yuck, one step closer to being vegetarian again after seeing food like this.”

While posted: “The one thing my mother always said ‘There’s not one part of a pig goes to waste, you can eat every part of them’. I draw the line at feet and tails.”

Some were left disgusted by her shares swine trotter recipe

A third chimed in: “Sorry, but I couldn’t be tempted by trotters.”

While a fourth added: “I feel I’ve moved far enough up the evolutionary scale that I don’t need to eat this…”

Nigella told her Instagram fans: “I know this hardly looks like my kind of cooking, but that’s because it isn’t.

“Along with my HG Walter butchers’ order, I got a heavenly premade – by Pierre Koffmann, no less – pig’s trotter with proper French mash and Madeira gravy, oh, ok then, jus.”

She added: “All I did was steam and slice the trotter and warm up the mash and jus.

“The cavolo nero is my own little contribution. Different for me, but richly delish.” One fan said bluntly: “I would rather starve.”

Despite the backlash, a few followers did seem to appreciate the recipe.

One foodie said: “Such an underrated part of the pig. It’s delicious.”

Another added: “I believe everyone should step outside of their norm and try new and different things. Little joys. It makes life exciting.”

A third chimed in: “I’m getting hungry looking at it!”

If you fancy a more standard recipe from Nigella, why not try her hack for crisps roast potatoes.

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