Nintendo Switch Bluetooth headphone support is FINALLY here – but there’s a catch

FOUR and a half years after launching the Switch, Nintendo is finally rolling out Bluetooth audio support.

The feature is something gamers have, understandably, been clamouring for since the console’s release.


Nintendo SwitchCredit: Nintendo

Prior to the update, the Nintendo Switch hasn’t been able to support wireless headphones without a workaround.

If you didn’t want to spend time untangling wires on your commute before booting up a game, you’d need to use an adaptor to pair your wireless earbuds or headset.

But a new software update means you can whip out your AirPods and be good to go in seconds.

It’s not all sunshine and cheesy stock images; there are a few caveats at play that may affect your mileage.

As outlined on Nintendo’s website, if you’re using the Bluetooth audio feature, you’re limited to just two wireless controllers.

You won’t be able to pair more than that unless you disconnect your headphones.

Local wireless multiplayer will also put a stop to your auditory fun, so if you’re a multiple Switch household who plays together, that’s something to bear in mind.

While Bluetooth audio is now supported, Bluetooth mics are not. And depending on the headphones you use, you may experience latency.

You can save up to 10 Bluetooth audio devices to the Switch console, but can only have one connected at any time, which seems the most reasonable stipulation on the list.

Is it annoying that in-game chat is still limited to the Nintendo Switch Online app? You bet.

But it’s a step in the right direction, even if it’s come years post-launch. And it’s an excuse to check out our roundup of the best earbuds!

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