No 10 could allow 10,000 workers in to fix HGV driver crisis

Explained: Why are petrol stations closing?

Industry experts have said that there is no shortage of petrol, but there have been problems with a lack of lorry drivers to get it to the right place.

Panic buying has exacerbated things, with many petrol stations reporting long queues as everybody rushes to top up their tanks.

Some have been unable to keep up with the unexpected demand and have been forced to shut temporarily while they wait for deliveries.

Full closures seem to be rare, but several supermarket and service station bosses have reported that they are running out of specific types of fuel in between new deliveries.

One petrol station manager told 5Live Breakfast: “At least once a week now, we’re having to switch diesel or unleaded off. It’s an issue, but it’s not an issue from our fuel suppliers because there’s plenty of fuel out there.”

Drivers have been urged not to stockpile fuel, as it will only cause more widespread closures, and could have more severe consequences if emergency services workers are stuck in long queues or unable to get petrol when it’s needed.

Panic buying and a lack of lorry drivers is forcing some petrol stations to shut as they run out of fuel Credit: Stephen Huntley/HVC


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