Northern Colorado’s Max McCaffrey hit fan with clipboard

Christian McCaffrey’s brother Max has been “reprimanded” by the University of Northern Colorado after the assistant football coach tossed a clipboard at a fan, the Greely Tribune reported.

During Saturday’s 40-7 loss to Montana State, McCaffrey, an offensive coordinator, broke a clipboard on the sidelines and tossed it into the crowd — hitting an opposing fan, according to the website.

The victim is reportedly in his 60s and received medical attention.

The UNC Athletic Department said in a statement that it worked with Montana State officials and the Big Sky Conference to investigate the incident, which was described as, “an assistant coach tossing an object into the stands that inadvertently struck a spectator.”

The investigation included a review of statements and video of the incident — and determined that McCaffrey was “tossing a piece of a broken clipboard to a fan who requested the souvenir.” The review, according to UNC, also found that McCaffrey’s actions showed “lack of judgment but no malicious intent.”

UNC Athletic Director Darren Dunn said in the statement that McCaffrey is “embarrassed” over the event, and is “working privately” to apologize to the fan.

Max McCaffrey at the McCaffrey Football Camp
Denver Post via Getty Images

“While Coach Max McCaffrey’s tossing of a souvenir into the stands showed poor judgment, it was clear there was no intent to harm nor was the action fueled by anger.”

After paying McCaffrey and the team a visit, Dunn said, “I am confident we will have no further engagement with fans of our opponents.”

Max Demarais, a student from Butte High School in Montana, told the Greeley Tribune that McCaffrey broke his clipboard after UNC’s quarterback – his brother, Dylan McCaffrey – threw an interception in the second quarter.

Demarais explained that he had heckled McCaffrey about his “small pants” and broken clipboard, before McCaffrey “tried throwing it at me,” he claimed.

The man hit by the clipboard is reportedly only seeking an apology after the incident.


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