Octopus develops James Bond fixation

An octopus has developed an obsession with ‘James Bond’.

Gamora watching Bond

The animal, named Gamora, has been given the nickname ‘Octopussy’ after becoming 007’s biggest fan during lockdown, as she would always swim and watch Bond when it was shown to the creatures at the SEA LIFE centre in Weymouth during the pandemic.

The Animal Care Team have now added official Bond merchandise into her tank and the creature has been seen playing with an Aston Martin car and a shaken, but not stirred, martini glass.

Tamsin Mutton-McKnight, General Manager at SEA LIFE Weymouth, said: “Gamora is an outgoing octopus and is always showing off her flexibility skills in the tank, we can’t believe how Bond obsessed she’s become. The Animal Care Team often give her different objects for enrichment, as they encourage her natural investigative behaviours. After adding the toy Aston Martin and martini glass into her habitat, she’s been playing non-stop. We’ve even captured images of her clinging onto the car, as if she’s protecting it from being stolen.

“We played the latest trailer for ‘No Time To Die’ to her through the glass and she was transfixed. We thought it was only right to nickname her ‘Octopussy’ – it was meant to be!”


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