One-eyed deaf pitbull guided on adventures thanks to tiny chihuahua best pal

The adorable pair have been getting lots attention after being posted on the video sharing platform, TikTok

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Deaf dog cuddles emotional support chihuahua

Introducing Wink, the one-eyed and deaf pitbull and her emotional support chihuahua, Niffler.

The cuddly duo who have captured the hearts in a cute video which shows the pair cuddling in bed together, sharing an adorably close bond.

Wink has been through a lot over the years, and recently overcame the odds by surviving a surgery which vets told her owners had only a one percent chance of survival.

The viral clip, which comes from the TikTok account @incredibulltrickdogs, already has almost one million views and over 285,000 likes on the video sharing platform in under a week since it was posted online.


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The lovely video shows just how close the two dogs are, with Wink wrapping her legs around the 8lbs Niffler in a warm embrace while the cosy chihuahua rests its eyes.

Viewers were clearly touched by the loving nature of the pair’s relationship, with one commenting: “This might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.”

Wink wrapped herself around her cuddly companion



Another equally moved commenter wrote: “I have an emotional support chihuahua too! Very comforting.”

A third added: “Most chihuahuas are demons, yours is sweet.”


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