Paula Jones Is Fuming About Her Portrayal In Impeachment

Paula Jones is not too keen about how actor Annaleigh Ashford portrayed her life in the TV series “American Crime Story: Impeachment.” In fact, Jones told Inside Edition on September 14 that she believes a lot of it was inaccurate and “almost cartoonish-y.”

Jones also feels animosity toward the way the media has embraced Monica Lewinski’s tragic story, but disregarded her own. “I find it funny that Monica can have a relationship in the Oval Office, under the Oval desk, yet … people want to hear her story,” she retorted to the news show. “It makes no sense to me. I have always been shunned and made fun of.” Jones also proclaimed that no one from the show reached out to her: “How can they portray somebody accurately if they don’t even call them?” she asked. 

Ashford was worried about misrepresenting Jones’ story in the show. “You’re always afraid of making them a caricature because sometimes in real life they feel a little bit larger than life, and she is one of those people,” Ashford explained to Vanity Fair on September 8. “You don’t want to do an impression of the person, but you do want to give their essence. So I tried to really pick and choose things about her physicality, things about her vocal timbre and also dialect.”

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