Peckish teacher finds entire potato in pack of Kettle Chips and hails it ‘survivor’

A physics teacher was about to enjoy a tasty back of Kettle Chips when he opened the bag to reveal a lonely potato.

Dr David Boyce, who is a physics teacher at Uppingham School in Lincolnshire, was left both baffled and hungry by his empty bag of Mature Cheddar and Red Onion crisps.

After his disappointment of not getting the desired contents from the crisps he purchased, he took to Twitter to tell the Kettle Chips about the incident.

Dr Boyce tweeted: “So I opened a bag of @KETTLEChipsUK today to find no crisps. Just a whole potato.”

The 38-year-old believes the potato is a “survivor” from the crisp factory.

He says he may have the potato 3D printed to remind him

Speaking to LincolnshireLive, he said: “My mind went completely blank. At first, I thought ‘how is this even in here?’ and then I thought ‘what a champion, this little guy is a survivor – the little potato that refused to be a crisp.”

Kettle Chips replied to Dr Boyce’s tweet and said: “Not sure how that got in there”.

They asked him to drop them a DM and Dr Boyce responded: “Yeah I still have it! It was so unexpected. You can have it if you like!.”

Bag of potato crisps
David says the potato ‘refused to be a crisp’

Dr Boyce is currently deciding what to do with the potato and has even looked at making a 3D print of the potato for a reminder.

He said: “I thought about scanning it and making a 3D print of it to incorporate it into a statue reminding me of the glorious moment when I discovered it. Not the greatest moment in my scientific career but I’ll take what I can get these days.”

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Dr Boyce has decided to tuck into the crisps while watching deer at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire and fortunately had other snacks with him to keep him going.

He does say it may be a while before he tucks into Kettle Crisps again but did acknowledge it is “something that could happen” but amidst he never thought it would happen to him.


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