People are stunned by this photo of a woman at the beach, so can YOU see what’s got them talking?

PHOTOS don’t always capture the moment as we experience them and can actually make things appear entirely different.

Take this woman, for example, who wanted to capture a holiday moment on camera, but it turned out horribly wrong – so can you see why?


The snap has been circulating the internet leaving people in hystericsCredit: Facebook

In the photo – which has been circulating the internet – the holiday-goer is perched up on a beach chair as she poses for the snap with a pink blanket covering most of her torso.

While you can see the strings of her white bikini tied around her neck, at first glance, she appears to be wearing no bikini bottoms at all, leaving everything exposed.

People who saw the photo were left both shocked and amused after thinking her downstairs region was on full display.

That was, of course, until they realised it wasn’t the case at all, and that it was actually a baby’s bottom popping out from beneath the blanket.


You see, the woman is actually nursing her child who is sitting, naked, on her lap, wrapped up in a blanket to stay warm.

While majority of the young tot remains unseen, you can see its little leg hanging down the mum’s left side, and, of course, its bare bottom between the woman’s legs.

The hilarious illusion left internet users in hysterics with many admitting it took them a while to work out there was actually a baby sitting on her lap – and instead they thought it was her lady bits.

“Oh no…and you just can’t unsee it…” one joked.

“I’ve just realised it’s the baby’s bum, that hilarious!” said another.

Alongside a laughing emoji, a third mocked: “That’s a big pastizzi.”

While a fourth said: “Hehehe yes I zoomed in then realised.”

A fifth admitted: “Oh dear I thought that was real for a moment.”

Some were quick to point out it was actually a “baby’s bum” which was funny in itself, but others continued to make jokes about the woman’s accidental “camel toe”.

So next time you take a photo, be sure to inspect it thoroughly before posting it online – or you could end up with some explaining to do.

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