People Are Triggered By This Viral Cake Hack Video

Las Vegas actress Allie Sparks dubbed her most recent cake hack video “life-changing.”

Using a grocery store cake, Allie demonstrates how to transform it into the ultimate sprinkle surprise cake, and the process was funny AF. But, some Facebook users found Allie’s way of making the rainbow explosion cake less than amusing. 

Allie Sparks’ Triggering Cake Hack

Sparks starts by twisting and pressing a tall circular glass into a round vanilla store-bought cake. As she removes the cake center, she reveals a dug out center in which she layers several types of rainbow sprinkles in.

During the sprinkle pour, Sparks insists that you’ll want to switch up your sprinkle game, flashing a package of white sugar pearls to the camera. She says, “That’s going to make it seem like treasure when it comes out.”  

However, Facebook users were not having it. They were absolutely enraged by the sheer number of sugar-laden sprinkles that were thrown into this seemingly innocent cake.

As one Facebook user wrote, “Why would you eat a cake full of sprinkles? That’s a lot of sugar.” 

Sparks continues nonetheless and shows her viewers how to seal the top of the cake with frosting after filling the center hole with sprinkles.

With store-bought vanilla icing in hand, Sparks plops on a large dollop of frosting to seal the hole in the cake. She explains, “You have to use your fingers for this, otherwise it’s just going to be a big mess, and you’re gonna just waste your time.”

Sparks’ comedic style is evident in how she haphazardly reassembles the cake. But some don’t catch on. Moreover, they’re left scratching their heads, asking, “TF is going on here?”

Finally, before cutting into the cake, Sparks tells Facebook that this is “going to change your life,” and it’s the “coolest thing you’ll ever see with cake.” As expected, an insane amount of sprinkles pour out from the inside as she takes a slice.

Yet, it was her unhygienic kitchen that was the most surprising on Facebook.

A Cringe-worthy Kitchen

Several commenters noted Sparks licking her fingers, then touching the cake. Even worse, a lone hairbrush spotted opposite the cake rocked everyone to their core.

One commenter said, ”  [And] what about the hairbrush next to the cake and her fingers all over the top of the cake.” Another salty person said, “After I saw the hairbrush full of hair I couldn’t stand watching anymore.”

But There’s Hope

However, among several hundred triggered Karens were a few skeptics that understood the humor in the video.

As Sparks sloppily spreads the frosting on with her lengthy coffin nails, she says, “What makes this so amazing, is that this is just a store-bought cake, and we’re making it just so much more better!” “Oh yeah, so much more better!” Sparks’ filmer responds, with a noticeable hint of sarcasm. 

Whether or not you think this is a cake fail, Sparks nailed it with this hilarious prank. And if you still don’t think this was a prank, well, in response to a commenter, Sparks said, “The comments make me laugh cuz people are so gullible and don’t get the joke.”

There you have it.


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