People Can’t Get Over How Realistic This Guy’s Keira Knightley Impression Is

@lukemillingtondrake/TikTok/Landmark Media/Alamy

Be warned, for once you view these videos you won’t ever be able to turn back, and you will become addicted to TikTok and this actor’s impressions of Keira Knightley.

I vowed to stay off TikTok and not become a victim to falling down its endless rabbit hole, and while I may have achieved that in not scrolling away daily at the explore page, I have become a religious follower of Luke Millington-Drake.

The actor and writer has taken the platform by storm, leaving other users in stitches with his impressions of residents of one of London’s poshest boroughs, Kensington and Chelsea, but he has become most notable for his impressions of none other than Keira Knightley. And you won’t believe just how incredibly realistic they truly are.

Prepare to have your mind blown and to spend a criminal amount of hours of your day stalking Millington-Drake’s account.

Ever wondered what it looks like when Keira Knightley decides to move house? Well, Millington-Drake has the answers to all of your questions. Not only is his impression of the Colette actor’s voice side-splittingly spot on, but his appearance looks astoundingly similar to that of Knightley.

With a chiselled jawline, windswept hair and a polo neck jumper, he not only perfectly recreates the look of the Official Secrets heroine, but nails the stare, accent, tone and ‘jutted jaw’ that many often associate with the actress, forgetting just how talented an actor Knightley really is (yes, as someone who has aspired to be an actor myself, Knightley is my no.1 role model, fight me).

His latest video follows a whole series that shows Knightley in all manner of situations, from Knightley conversing with Hugh Grant, to Knightley recording her answering machine message and an insight into what an action movie trailer for Knightley would look like. Millington-Drake really has thought of every possibility, so you don’t have to and can just sit there watching in awe (and trying to not look strange by howling with laughter while on a bus or in the office).

Millington-Drake’s most recent Knightley update has amassed more than 192,800 views, 21,700 likes and 316 comments, causing other users to flood to the comments in bits over the impression. One said, ‘I can’t watch Pirates of the Caribbean in the same way now.’

Why are you not on the tele yet?! This is too good. Agent people! Tv people! What are you doing call?! Call him and cast him immediately.

A third commented, ‘If Keira Knightley and Jude Law had a child.’

Knightley may not yet have seen the impressions and who knows what she may think – I would hope such a queen would see the funny side – but one thing is for sure, is this man’s talent.

While much appreciated on TikTok, Millington-Drake is clearly made for bigger things.

Someone cast this man in the next remake of Pride and Prejudice please.


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