People Unite to Help a 5-Year-Old Girl who Emptied Piggy Bank to Help a Friend in Need

An enormous ball of light, Sunshine managed to illuminate the lives of many, ultimately bringing them together to make a massive difference in the lives of many children. 

In 2017 and at only 5 years old, Sunshine Oelfke’s act of kindness touched the heart of not only her grandmother Jackie Oelfke but led to an outpouring of love from the public. This resulted in a collective effort of individuals raising money for those in need.

Taking to Facebook, Jackie shared a beautiful interaction she had with her granddaughter. Little Sunshine, she explained, began to empty her piggy bank on the floor to which her grandmother asked what she was doing.

The 5-year old’s response, Jackie penned, brought tears to her eyes as Sunshine explained that she wanted to give her friend at school money for milk because her mother couldn’t afford it. The proud grandmother expressed:

“There is a ray of Sunshine with a HUGE heart that at the age of 5 LOVES everyone and always wants to help.”

In a clip she shared on Facebook, Jackie was crying after dropping her granddaughter off at school. She and Sunshine handed the bag of money from her piggy bank over to her teacher Rita, as the girl told the educator what its purpose was.

The teacher was taken aback at first, the grandmother shared. However, she eventually expressed her gratitude towards Sunshine for her $30.00 act of kindness.

[He] gave up his puppy to a shelter to save it from his father’s abuse. 

The grandmother also said that her granddaughter had now inspired her to give all her commissions from her disability card to Sunshine’s class so they could buy milk for the whole classroom. However, this proud grandma wasn’t the only one ready to donate.

Jackie started a GoFundMe page for the cause following the kind-hearted gesture from Sunshine which ended up gathering over $11,000. The grandparent has since expressed:

“She doesn’t understand the impact she’s made. But now she knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.”

The original goal of the fundraiser stood at only $700. Since then, the GoFundMe page has raised just under a whopping amount of  $20,000.

The young girl’s teacher also commended her little student on her touching act of goodwill. Rita Hausher, who had a habit of covering milk money for the children, expressed:

“Sunshine’s act of kindness… has grown so much that it now includes everyone, which makes my heart happy.”

Jackie planned to use the donations to fund her granddaughter’s class with milk money for the rest of that year but took it a step further due to the large amount. She revealed that the funds would be kept, as Sunshine grows older, to help her friends throughout the years.

Just like Sunshine, although children are small, their hearts tend to be huge. Her love was echoed by a 12-year-old Andres, who gave up his puppy to a shelter to save it from his father’s abuse in an unfortunate turn of events.

In 2020, an adorable brown little dog in lousy condition was discovered in a box outside the Xollin animal shelter in Mexico. There was a handwritten note inside from the young boy explaining that he chose to give them the dog before his dad could hurt it further.

Andres didn’t want the puppy to forget him, leaving him with a familiar toy. Hopefully, Sunshine and Andres can remind the world that compassion is a virtue that should not be left behind but something to carry into adulthood.


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