Prince Charles At War With Prince Harry Over Competing TV Projects?

Are Prince Charles and Prince Harry at war with each other? One tabloid claims Charles and Harry are butting heads now that they both have TV projects in the works. Let’s take a look at Harry’s relationship with his father.

Prince Charles And Prince Harry Launch Competing TV Careers?

This week’s edition of Star reports things are tenser than ever between Prince Harry and his father, Prince Charles. Last month, Charles announced his deal with Amazon Prime and his plans to create a channel focusing exclusively on climate change. While Charles insists the channel is his way of channeling his career-long interest in taking on the climate crisis, the tabloid claims it’s a “direct challenge” to his son Prince Harry. Months ago, Harry and Meghan Markle announced their multimillion-dollar Netflix deal.

“Charles is horrified that Harry and Meghan are capitalizing on their royal connections, demanding millions of dollars from Netflix,” an insider dishes. “This is his way of making them look shallow.” Charles’ announcement came just days after Harry and Markle were criticized for flying a private jet from California to New York City. “It was Charles’ idea to do a rival deal, and to throw gas on the fire with the timing of the announcement,” the snitch reveals. “The whole situation has heightened the feud between Harry and his dad — and it’s only going to get worse.”

‘Tensions Increase’ Between Prince Harry And Prince Charles?

While it’s true Harry and Charles both have TV projects in the works, they are completely unrelated to one another. It would be completely insane to sign a major streaming deal all just to get back at his son. Also, since Charles and Harry are working on completely different projects on completely different platforms, Charles’ deal isn’t a threat to Harry’s. While they are both royals signing TV deals, their projects are not in direct competition with each other.

Besides, we’re sure Charles has better things to do than make petty attempts to undermine his son’s career. As the heir apparent to the British throne, it’s likely Charles is making big plans for when he becomes king. In fact, this new deal only speaks to that. It’s only logical to assume he’ll be especially focused on climate change during his reign, and this Amazon Prime deal is setting the stage.

The Tabloid On The Royal Family

But it’s hard to trust anything Star says about the royals. This same tabloid once reported that Harry was planning a “revenge” documentary about his mother Princess Diana. Then the magazine claimed Meghan Markle was spending $400K on a nursery. And more recently, the tabloid alleged Markle had undergone plastic surgery. Obviously, Star can’t be trusted when it comes to the British royal family.


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