Prince Charles Out As King Following Royal Scandal?

Has Prince Charles’ recent scandal put the monarchy at risk? One tabloid claims Charles’s right-hand man, Michael Fawcett, plans to use his knowledge of the royals to take them down. Here’s what we know.

Prince Charles Hiding Behind ‘Fixer’ Michael Fawcett?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Prince Charles has sailed the royal family into treacherous waters amid his most recent scandal. A few weeks ago, news broke that Charles’s closest aide, Michael Fawcett, had promised a Saudi billionaire a knighthood in exchange for cash. People have speculated that Charles played a much larger role in the scheme, suggesting he may never become king as a result. Either way, it’s clear Fawcett knows the truth and is at the center of this whole ordeal.

“Fawcett has been bounced from two jobs in the royal household, and Charles has been told many times to drop him but can never bring himself to do it!” an inside source dishes. “Fawcett is a classic ‘bagman’ — a fixer. He does the dirty work so Charles doesn’t have to. Some wonder whether the prince isn’t able to let Fawcett go simply because he knows too much!” Shortly after the scandal broke, Fawcett stepped back temporarily from his position as Chief Executive of The Prince’s Foundation. But this wasn’t the first time he was in the hot seat.

Michael Fawcett Hired To Do Prince Charles’s ‘Dirty Work’?

Fawcett resigned in 1998 after he was accused of bullying staff members, but was reinstated less than a week later. Then, he left the position again when it was revealed he had been selling Charles’ gifts, but not before he received a $630,000 severance package. And yet, he found himself employed by Charles again after departing. Because of his past transgressions, people are left to wonder why Charles keeps him around.

“There’s no way Charles didn’t know about hose offers,” an insider snitches. “Michael would do nothing without Charles’ approval.” But others suggest Fawcett is liable to turn on Charles. “Michael knows almost everything about the royal family. He is closer to Prince Charles than anyone else. He doesn’t just organize the prince’s engagements and clothes,” another source explains. The snitch adds, “He buys his gifts, things like that. He knows more about the prince than [his wife] Mrs. Parker Bowles!”

Michael Fawcett Planning To ‘Bring Down The Monarchy’?

While on a surface level, Fawcett’s association to the royals seems suspicious, there’s some important context the tabloid is leaving out. In both 1998 and 2003, Fawcett was cleared of any wrongdoing after further inquiry. Furthermore, after resigning in 2003, Fawcett didn’t work with Charles again until about a decade ago. And finally, Fawcett was only appointed head of Charles’ foundation in 2018. While this doesn’t clear him of the most recent allegations, it’s important to note that Charles wasn’t employing a criminal all these years.

And while it’s true Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into the “cash for honors” scandal, neither Fawcett nor Charles are facing any charges at the moment. Until more information comes to light, the tabloids are only left to speculate. There’s no evidence to suggest Fawcett is planning to “bring down the monarchy.” And there’s even less evidence to suggest Charles’ spot in the line of succession is at risk. Barring an act from Parliament — or an act of God — Charles will be the next King of England.

The Tabloid On Prince Charles

We wouldn’t trust anything the National Enquirer has to say about Prince Charles. Earlier this year, the magazine reported Charles had ordered Prince Harry to divorce Meghan Markle. Then the tabloid alleged Charles was exacting revenge on Markle by refusing her children their royal titles. And more recently, the outlet claimed Queen Elizabeth was cutting Charles out of the line of succession because of the knighthood scandal. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t reliable when it comes to Prince Charles.


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