Prince Harry Living ‘New Life Without Meghan,’ Flirting With Other Women?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle began dating in 2016. The last five years have seen them get married, have a son, move to America, and then have a daughter. Depending on who you talk to, they’re either role models or social pariahs.

Tabloids spread rumors about the two every single week. Lately, we’ve confronted a few stories about Harry moving on from Markle. He’s tasting freedom in Los Angeles for the first time and apparently cannot get enough of it.

Another story says Harry’s eye is being turned by a “sporty brunette,” leaving Markle furious. This month also wrought a story about the Duke of Sussex reuniting with an old flame, Chelsy Davy. Without further adieu, here’s what the rumor mill has churned out.

Harry Tasting Freedom?

In a story from WHO, Harry is spending time by himself for the first time in years. His recent trip to Colorado for a charity polo game left Markle home alone with the kids an insider said, “Harry had such a blast in Colorado, it felt liberating and so enjoyable to be out socializing again.”

Is Harry really happier without Markle around? How does she feel about all of this? If you’d like to learn more, click here.

Markle Furious After He Was Caught Flirting?

That charity polo game brought Harry to professional player Riley Ganzi. New Idea says he got caught speaking a little too closely with the athlete and had hell to pay when he got home. A snitch said, “Meghan’s mind went into overdrive as soon as she noticed Riley, who is talented, gorgeous, and a lot of fun.” Since Ganzi’s family has known Prince Charles for years, there’s some reason for the Suits star to worry.

A tipster went so far as to say Ganzi could turn Harry’s head. To see the two together, and hear why this may not be the most legitimate report in the world, mosey on over here.

Too Close To An Ex-Girlfriend?

Harry was a busy boy on his trip to Aspen. In another story from New Idea, Harry was photographed with a mysterious blond woman. Onlookers thought she looked exactly like ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. She and Harry were once close to an engagement, but the love flamed out. Flying to Colorado to visit him would certainly get Markle’s attention.

Harry had quite the trip to Colorado, and anytime he does anything tabloids notice. You can learn more about Davy and the alleged Aspen reunion by reading our investigation of the rumor here. For more gossip analysis, stay tuned in to Gossip Cop.


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