Prince Philip Cut Prince Harry Out Of His Will?

Prying eyes want to know what Prince Philip’s will could reveal. One report says he shockingly cut Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of it. He was apparently so hurt by their exit that he’s left them out to dry, sources say. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Disappointed At The End’

According to Life & Style, Philip left a rushing blow behind. The 99-year-old apparently decided to leave Harry and Markle out of his will before he died. A source says, “He felt they dishonored the queen by deserting the family and royal life.”

The last straw came when he was in the hospital. The Sussex’s tell-all special with Oprah Winfrey. From his deathbed, an insider says that “he secretly amended documents and cut them out at the final hour, and it was too late for anyone to do anything about it because he was gone.” Had Queen Elizabeth known, she would have talked him out of it, the source adds.

The dagger is having its desired effect. A source says, “Harry was shocked, hurt and angry. Meghan claimed there must have been some mistake.” Even though he was a world away, Harry thought he left Philip on good terms. An insider concludes, “He couldn’t have been more off the mark.”

What Does Prince Philip’s Will Say?

Philip’s will is sealed for a century in order to protect Elizabeth’s “dignity.” The judge who decided to seal it hasn’t even seen its contents. This is standard practice for royal wills — the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret’s wills are still sealed as well.

The sealing of the will means it’s impossible for anyone to know what’s inside. The source in this story says Philip rewrote it within the last weeks of his life in secret

In reality, Life & Style cannot know what’s in the will because it’s been sealed. In the story itself, there’s no way for the tabloid to know these secrets either. If even Elizabeth supposedly wasn’t aware of the betrayal, then how in blazes could this crummy tabloid?

Other Tall Tales

This outlet has a terrible track record with royal stories. It reported that Harry and Markle are banned from the palace, which is simply not true. Despite this banning story, it later reversed course and said Elizabeth was offering Harry a cottage in the UK to get him away from Markle. Mind you, it maintains that the Sussexes are fighting constantly, leaving Harry on the verge of a breakdown.

It seems like in any given issue of this supermarket magazine, Markle and Harry’s relationship is completely different. The couple is doing just fine and get along well with Elizabeth. There isn’t a source Life & Style could possibly get this story and have it make any sense. The tabloid just wants to disgracefully profit off the death of Philip by making up grudges.


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