Prince William Reveals The Hilarious Reason Prince Philip Was Always In Trouble With The Queen

It’s no secret that Prince Philip was a funny guy. According to Reader’s Digest, he was known to have a “naughty sense of humor.” There were some things that Philip said that could be considered inappropriate, but he was always cracking jokes or making funny comments nevertheless.

The Duke of Edinburgh loved his family, especially his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren, and he genuinely enjoyed spending time with them. Prince William couldn’t help but share one of the most hilarious things that Philip would do that would get him in trouble with Queen Elizabeth. According to the Daily Mail, William explained a sort of tradition that Philip had. He would have his grandchildren hold “tubes of mustard” and then squeeze their hands to make the condiment go all over the place. “He would squish your hands together to fire the mustard up into the ceiling. He used to get into a lot of trouble with my grandmother for covering most of the places where we had lunch with mustard on the ceiling,” William recalled during an interview for the documentary (via the Daily Mail). Peter Phillips said that the stains from the mustard splatter are still visible.


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