Princess Diana scarecrow that ‘looks more like Elton John’ has Reddit users creasing

A questionable scarecrow of Princess Diana has been mocked by Reddit users for looking nothing like the royal.

A site user posted a picture of the scarecrow, supposedly of the People’s Princess, next to a picture of the deceased royal with the caption: “My dad’s village has an annual scarecrow festival. This is Princess Diana.”

The work of art sported a summer hat, sunglasses and formal shirt and jacket, casually leaning against a ruby bench.

However, Reddit fans were less than impressed, with one comment saying the stuffed figure looked “more like Elton”, referring to Tiny Dancer singer Elton John.

Another responded: “Are you sure it’s not Elton John with a picture of Lady Di?”

People joked the scarecrow had more resemblance to singer Elton John
(Image: Europa Press via Getty Images)

However, another Reddit user swore the scarecrow was the spitting image of ladies’ man Austin Powers, and it looked every bit as groovy as the spy’s catchphrase.

Others also ridiculed the maker’s efforts, saying she looked like she had “let herself go a bit”, and she looked more like “Princess Terrifying”.

Princess Diana isn’t the only celebrity scarecrow to have caused a scene. Last year, a couple from Hull were asked to remove a Michael Jackson scarecrow from outside their home after someone found it offensive.

Princess Diana smiling in a black dress
Princess Diana may not have been pleased with her less-than-flattering scarecrow
(Image: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Stephen and Teresa Sayner constructed a life-size model of the controversial pop legend as part of a community “scarecrow walk” in their Compass Road estate.

But after a few days, police officers knocked on their door to inform them a complaint had been lodged about the effigy and it would have to go.

In 2016, boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s scarecrow persona sparked outrage in Awliscombe, Devon after people accused it of being “racist”.

The stuffed doll was removed from his bird-scaring duties after a string of complaints that it looked like a Golliwog, a controversial black doll often seen as offensive and promoting racial stereotypes.


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