Queen Elizabeth Ignoring Meghan Markle’s Attempts To Schedule A Visit?

Meghan Markle has a famously uneasy relationship with the royal family. One report says she’s trying to make amends, but Queen Elizabeth is preventing it from happening. Is Markle really banned from the country?

‘Meghan’s Shock Return To The UK’

According to Woman’s Day, Markle has come crawling back to the United Kingdom. The palace is shocked to see Prince Harry and Markle request an audience with Elizabeth in the next few weeks. A source explained, “The couple wants the Queen to spend time with their new baby,” Lillibet Diana. Since Elizabeth can’t really fly to the States, the Sussexes have no choice but to visit the UK.

The royal family was not happy. A courtier said the family was “stunned at their audacity, given everything they’ve said about the Queen and her family since moving to America.” The palace staff is deliberately “ignoring” the request in an attempt to avoid Markle and Harry for as long as possible. An insider explains, “they’re scrambling to prepare for any possibility, including that the Sussexes just want a photo op of their baby with the Queen.”

What’s Going On With The Royal Family?

There are layers of absurdity to this story. For one thing, the royal family loves photo ops. It’s kind of their thing. You ever look at any of the official royal Instagram accounts? It’s nothing but photos ops.

As for the supposed rivalry, well, there isn’t one — not between Markle and Elizabeth anyway. As Gossip Cop has pointed out loads of times, the Sussexes love and respect the queen. They have regular video calls with her and even named their daughter in her honor.

Where’s the audacity in this story anyway? It’s written as if Markle is the bad person for wanting her daughter to meet her great-grandmother. Providing the palace with weeks of advance notice hardly constitutes just dropping in.

This is nitpicking though. This story originally came out a few weeks ago, and no visit ended up happening. This is a cut and dry false story from a tabloid with a lousy reputation.

Silly Stories Abound

This is the same outlet that claimed Elizabeth was disgusted by the decision to name Lillibet in her honor. The royal family has only supported the baby. It also claimed Elizabeth would literally die because of Harry’s book deal. She’s alive, so that was false too.

Keep in mind that the tabloid has intermittently reported both Prince Charles and Kate Middleton were being crowned ruler. That hasn’t happened either. This is the last place you should go for royal news of any kind.


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