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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) is condemned as Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) turns into the victim next week on the CBS soap. Then when Eric Forrester (John McCook) reveals his insistence on pushing them together, it makes matters worse but only for Quinn Fuller. She emerges as the monster as their affair blows wide open on this CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Fuller Busted with Carter Walton

Friday’s B&B cliffhanger offered a shocker for Carter Walton who was disrobing Quinn Fuller. Then, Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) waltzed in after some stalking and creeping into the apartment. Of course, Justin demonstrated how brazen a fellow he is. He calmly informed Carter and his bed buddy Quinn that they should consider themselves busted.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest what comes next is the perfect storm for Eric Forrester‘s wife. Oddly enough, B&B updates suggest no one is interested in holding Carter Walton too accountable for the incident. It’s Quinn Fuller that everyone is after. That includes the Forresters and the Logans – determined to oust her.

At one point next week, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) confronts his stepmother in front of his father. As Soap Dirt previously suggested, it seems that soon, the Forrester patriarch’s ED is no longer a secret. B&B spoilers indicate that the now-defeated husband tries to save Quinn from taking all the blame. So, he swallows his humility and comes clean.

Per the spoilers from Bold and the Beautiful, Eric believes it’s the only way, or so he thinks, to take the heat off Quinn. But it looks as if he’s very wrong with this assumption. Meanwhile, those out to burn her seem to view Carter Walton as a non-issue and just someone suckered in by this woman.

B&B Spoilers: Quinn Branded by Family’s Hate

So, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester soon learn that Eric Forrester sanctioned this twisted arrangement for his wife and hunky Carter Walton. As a husband, he can no longer offer his wife the passion she needs, he’ll explain. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate this leaves Ridge and his wife furious and also confused.

So, it looks like their concern turns toward his dad. More than likely they’ll become worried about Eric after demonstrating such bad judgment in allowing Carter to fill a need that he can’t. It sounds as if they’re bewildered as to why he would send her to another man. Plus, Ridge and his judgy spouse will likely try and blame Quinn for Eric’s little problem on Bold and the Beautiful.

And also, when it comes to Quinn, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that they are livid that she would hop into bed with Carter – even with permission from her husband. And they’ll blame her for using Carter Walton. Even the COO insisting he wasn’t manipulated in any way falls on deaf ears on B&B..

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Unscathed

It appears as if Quinn takes the brunt of the storm that the family whips up. According to the latest B&B spoilers, Carter’s part in this isn’t what rubs Brooke or Ridge the wrong way. They’re laser focused on Quinn Fuller, and getting her away from Eric Forrester. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Ridge, Brooke, and her sister Katie Logan (Heather Tom) are all in a lather.

They see Quinn as someone who took advantage of Eric. Instead of supporting her husband through this trying time, they feel she made it worse. So, they take the view that she acted for purely selfish reasons. It looks to them like she couldn’t keep her lust under control and used Carter to slake that desire – while making her husband feel like he had to let her do so on Bold and the Beautiful.

They also look at this as the wife adding to her husband’s problem by bringing Carter into their marriage. As Ridge, wife Brooke, and Katie said previously on Bold and the Beautiful, they see Eric as unhappy and looking defeated. They will never accept that he was the one that pulled Carter closer to Quinn Fuller.

Next week’s spoilers for Bold and the Beautiful say everyone who cares for Eric explodes on Quinn. It also looks like the ED cat is out of the bag. This probably won’t have a happy ending. Chances are the family starts to worry about his state of mind given what’s gone on. So, Justin might have busted Carter Walton along with Quinn Fuller – but it’s her that takes all the heat.


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