R Kelly Performed Oral Sex On Underage Aaliyah, Dancer Testifies

R Kelly’s Former Dancer Testifies He Performed Oral Sex With Aaliyah When She Was 13 Or 14

A former R Kelly background dancer with the name “Angela” also known as Kelly’s 10th accuser in his ongoing sex-crime trial in Brooklyn revealed in testimony that she witnessed R Kelly performing oral sex on a 13 or 14 year-old Aaliyah.

Angela is also accusing Kelly of having sexual intercourse with her when she was a teenager.

According to her, she and a few other women were going to prank Kelly on his tour bus sometime in the 90s and walked in and “saw Robert and Aaliyah in a sexual situation.”

R Kelly Allegedly Sexually Abused Late Singer Aaliyah When She Was 13 Or 14

Unfortunately, this is nothing strange when it comes to the trial of R. Kelly.

This revelation is just an addition to other allegations involving at least 10 underage women, furthers the case that Kelly kept up a repeated pattern of predatory and abusive behavior towards Aaliyah and other women around him.

From multiple reports of him having sexual intercourse with an underage Aaliyah, an illegal hotel wedding with the late pop icon, allegedly making women fight each other after twerking for cake and many more.

With the amount of evidence levied against the disgraced singer, it is hard to see this case going anywhere besides conviction and substantial jail time.


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