Rachel’s Cheating Past a Deal-Breaker for Jose?

Married at First Sight spoilers indicate Jose San Miguel Jr will press his wife, Rachel Gordillo, for specifics of her past cheating. She says she learned her lesson and has changed. But how can he be sure? Will this be an insurmountable hurdle for the Lifetime couple?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Rachel Gordillo Comes Clean to Jose San Miguel Jr

Married at First Sight spoilers show Jose San Miguel Jr asking for an explanation from his new spouse, Rachel Gordillo. He didn’t address the issue when it first arose on their honeymoon, but now he’s looking for answers.

Rachel will admit to her Married at First Sight husband that she cheated on a past boyfriend, with whom she ultimately had an eight-year relationship. She explains to Jose that her indiscretion happened in their second year, on a girls’ night with alcohol involved.

She’d been drinking and ran into an old flame. One thing led to another, and it happened.  On Married at First Sight, Rachel says she confessed her cheating the next day. Her then-boyfriend forgave her. But, that relationship didn’t last – obviously.

MAFS: Drinking Game Outs Rachel’s Past

During the Married at First Sight honeymoon, Rachel and Jose went out with the rest of the newlyweds on a catamaran. Along the way, they played a drinking game ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Players take turns saying something they have never done. Any player who has done it has to take a drink.

Bao told the Married at First Sight group that she had never cheated, but others noticed Rachel Gordillo had taken a drink. Jose commented that he “married a cheater.” Nothing more was said during the MAFS honeymoon.

But now, Jose San Miguel Jr is trying to make a home with his spouse, and the subject came up again. It seems he needs to be certain his new wife will be faithful to him during their marriage.

Married at First Sight: Jose Questions Wife’s Loyalty

The Married at First Sight husband will ask his bride what assurances she can make that she’ll never slip up again? Now that they are married, there will be other instances when she might go out with the girls. He wants to be sure she has a good time without having concerns about the sanctity of his marriage.

The teaser shows Rachel looking concerned as she tells her husband he will just have to trust her. Jose San Miguel Jr looks down wordlessly as she speaks. At one point in the upcoming MAFS episode, he says a “cheater is a cheater.” Is this another red flag to go with others previously reported by Soap Dirt?

But he explains that she is a different person now. He hopes infidelity won’t be a concern in the future. But Jose will tell Lifetime’s Married at First Sight fans that he will not be forgiving if his wife cheats on him. Can Rachel Gordillo assure her husband that she will be faithful?


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