Radio Host Who Ended Interview After ‘Realising You Can’t Grow Concrete’ Tries To Defend Himself


TalkRADIO host Mike Graham has talked people through the process of making concrete in a bid to save face after he confidently announced this week that you can grow it. 

Graham became a talking point of the internet yesterday, October 26, following his short interview with Insulate Britain member and carpenter Cameron Ford.

During their conversation, Ford explained working with timber as a carpenter was sustainable because it used a ‘regenerative’ material, unlike concrete. Graham, however, responded to argue that ‘you can’ grow concrete.

The host attempted to backtrack on his comment while speaking to Jeremy Kyle on talkRADIO later in the day, where he used the word ‘grow’ in various different contexts to highlight the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have to refer to something which grows from the ground.

He said: ‘What do you call something that gets bigger? […] it would be something that grows, it expands, it grows.’

Graham then pointed out that if you were to describe the ‘economy growing’, you would not be referring to something that has been ‘planted’. By that logic, then, Graham argued he did not misspeak during yesterday’s interview.

Hear Graham and Kyle’s discussion below:

The host went on to break it down even further for listeners with a lesson on how to make concrete, saying: ‘If you have ever seen anybody making concrete in a concrete mixer… you basically put sand in, you put water in, you know, cement goes in, you know, you make concrete, it expands, it grows.’

He continued: ‘So you can actually make it grow.’

In case that explanation didn’t do the trick, Graham also announced he was having a ‘concrete expert’ on his radio show this morning, October 27. Evidently, he wanted to stop at nothing to prove himself right, and today futurist Tom Cheesewright admitted that when it came to the ‘fundamentals of the process’, Graham was correct.

Cheesewright said: ‘Yes, you can grow stone and effectively turn carbon dioxide into a variety of stone like materials.’

Obviously, only Graham knows what he was thinking during the interview with Ford, though given the context of the conversation it seems hard to believe that Graham was referring either to the ‘expansion’ of concrete or the ‘fundamentals of the process’.

What does seem believable, however, is that Graham ended the interview and frantically began brainstorming ways to avoid admitting fault.

The host has definitely made his point when it comes to growing concrete, though whether people buy into his explanation is another story altogether.


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