Recruiter dishes details on unusual £60,000 job that ‘doesn’t require a degree’ 

Eleni Pavlovic has racked up more than 70,000 followers on TikTok where she shares handy tips and tricks for how to ace interviews, improve your CV and job-search advice

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Recruiter provides details on £60k job that doesn’t require degree

A recruiter has gone viral on TikTok revealing some of the jobs people can get without a degree, including one very special role that is often in high demand.

Eleni Pavlovic, 24, is a talent manager specialising in FinTech and recruits people across marketing, operations, people, finance, data and product.

But there is one role she admits she hadn’t even heard of until she started helping with hiring – product data analyst.

She spoke all about it on her TikTok @yourcareersister, where she revealed that you don’t need qualifications to do it.

In the now-viral clip, she said: “Today I want to talk to you about a role which you don’t need a degree to do and even with two-plus years of experience, you can be looking at salaries of £60,000 plus, and that’s on the lower end.

“The role is a product data analyst.

Eleni shares unusual job roles you might not know about on TikTok


Jam Press Vid/@yourcareersister)

She hadn’t heard of the role before


Jam Press Vid/@yourcareersister)

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“It’s a pretty new role in the market so tech companies will be fighting over you because there aren’t that many people doing this job right now.

“What you’re basically doing is you’re normally working for some sort of app or platform where you are basically analysing the success of the product.”

Eleni has had recent success in hiring people for roles like this one, having found a new candidate just a few weeks ago.

“I hired one two weeks ago,” she revealed.

“The skills someone needs really vary – that’s the beauty of the role.

“I think you could come into it from all sorts of backgrounds.

“The main thing you need is a passion for making apps more efficient and improving the product, experience with analysis.”

Although you don’t necessarily need a degree, to help improve your chances of snagging a job in these rare fields, Eleni recommends up-skilling with online courses.

You could earn in the region of £60,000 per year, she says


Jam Press Vid/@yourcareersister)

You don’t even need a degree to get hired


Jam Press Vid/@yourcareersister)

She said: “You don’t need a degree because it’s not a typical analyst role, and you need to be comfortable speaking to senior stakeholders.

“Your role will be to find areas where the app is not working for users, and then take this to senior leadership and tell them how they need to change it.”

Being an analyst isn’t the only role Eleni suggests looking out for if you want a career but think you don’t have the right qualifications – other jobs include positions in product management, UX design and more.

She said: “Every role requires some experience in a transferable skill of course, but I would say tech scale-ups are a particularly great sector to get into.

“They need the skill and they’re competing against other tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc., so generally speaking, find it difficult to find the right people – which is where you could come in and make a great contribution.

“There are loads of roles you could do with just up-skilling through online courses and then getting exposure to the right areas, no degree needed – product management, UX design, product design, marketing analytics.”

She shares plenty of tips to get hired


Jam Press Vid/@yourcareersister)

If you’ve been struggling to get a job during summer, now is the optimal time to get those CVs sent out.

Eleni said: “The market has pretty much been flipped on its head compared to last year.

“Companies are trying to backfill from hires that they were supposed to make in 2020, but they couldn’t afford to because of the pandemic, alongside playing catch up for their growth plans for 2021, so it’s a great time to start something new.”

And when it comes to tips for searching for a new job, she added: “If you’re struggling to find something right now, widen your horizons to what you’re looking for.

“I find so many of us don’t know about the opportunities and types of roles that there are out there for us.

“I come across roles all the time where I’m like someone actually gets paid to do that?? How amazing!

“So I’d just say there’s a job out there for nearly everything you could think of, don’t give up.”

Some people doing similar roles commented on the post to give their thoughts.

One said: “I’ve had this role and hired for it – If you see a degree on the requirements for a job, apply anyway! they just don’t know what to put on the spec.”

Another added: “Analyst here. Can confirm that u don’t need a degree. Good to be proficient in sheets SQL or google analytics etc. tho. but u can learn those easy.” [sic]

Someone else wrote: “No tech degree and work as a tech business analyst. My new role wanted an SQL expert but instead, they’re paying me >£50k to learn it on the job.”

A fourth said: “Product Analyst here, previous experience was customer service and operational teams. Proof you can get into the role without previous experience.”

Another person wrote: “I’m a product data analyst and I have a degree in Musical Theatre. Trust and believe – you don’t need a degree.”

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