Reddit user hits out at ‘snobs’ who don’t use scissors when cutting pizza

We all have our own unique way of eating pizza.

Some might like to fold it in half, while others use a knife and fork.

One person caused quite a heated discussion when they revealed how they cut their pizza.

Posting on Reddit, the user defended their decision to using scissors when trying to slice the food.

They said: “It’s convenient, okay?

“Don’t make the pizza taste any different, all you snobs with your stainless steel pizza slicing wheels and ‘kitchen knives’.

“Pah! Scissors mate. Job done.”

The post racked up over 6,700 upvotes and thousands of comments since it was shared two days ago.

Some people might eat pizza with cutlery

One wrote: “Do you know what’s more convenient? Just picking the whole thing up and eating it like a very large piece of toast.”

Another added: “Weak, lol. Try rolling it up.”

A third admitted: “I tear mine, means no dishes and every slice is different, keeping pizza exciting.”

While a fourth commented: “You’re a hellspawn sent to corrupt humanity aren’t you?”

But although many people were left baffled by the user’s confession, an Italian confirmed it was all okay.

The user said: “As an Italian, I can confirm you that cutting your pizza with scissors is totally accepted anywhere in Italy.”

Another revealed: “Yeah, when I went to Italy all the small ‘Pizza by the metre’ shops cut pizza with scissors.

“Was a bit surprised but immediately adopted the practice. So much more convenient.”

Pizza cutting
An Italian confirmed that cutting pizza with scissors is totally fine

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In other food news, did you know you’ve been reheating pizza wrong?

A “New Jersey home cook” named Tara posted her clever hack on TikTok where it quickly went viral.

Tara noted that the best way to warm up last night’s pizza is with a pan… and some water.

Demonstrating her trick on social media, Tara captioned the clip: “Don’t knock it till you try it.”


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