Retired Spy Answers Top Secret Questions Everyone Wants To Know


A retired spy has gone viral on TikTok by answering the internet’s weird, wacky and interesting questions.

Maria Comstock, 20, first started posting videos of her dad last year, kicking off the beginning of a series called ‘Asking a retired spy the questions we REALLY want to know’.

Her first ‘interview’ dates back to January last year, where she explained how he worked to decode Russian messages during the Cold War – more accurately, he was a Russian cryptologic linguist. After initially deflecting the questions, we’re now on part 28, and Maria’s followers can’t seem to get enough.

In the most recent instalment, shared on her TikTok (@mariaisabellecomstock), Maria opens by asking her dad which second language people should learn if they want to be a spy. ‘Mandarin,’ he answers. If you’re going by native speakers, Mandarin is the largest language in the world, followed by English.

Secondly, she asks, ‘What part of the US is most likely to get nuked?’ Without any explanation – this is a common in the videos, as he can’t discuss the details of his career – he answers, ‘Minor, North Dakota.’

We also learn that it took her dad 47 weeks to learn Russian, and he ‘certainly’ learned things he wasn’t supposed to know, but that’s ‘not for you to know’, he says.

He also said his political ideology is ‘fiercely independent’ and spoke about potential class warfare. ‘If wealth inequality continues to rise, sooner or later the poorer class is going to rise up,’ he says.

In another video, he explained how being a ransom ware programmer helped him live under the radar in Russia, and he was never caught ‘while active’ as a spy.


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