RHOP cast reveal sexy reunion looks as fans slam Gizelle Bryant for ‘cheap & tacky’ culotte jumpsuit

REAL Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant has been slammed by fans for her reunion show look.

The socialite mom of three, 51, arrived at the Bravo show reunion bash in an asymmetric hot pink jumpsuit.


RHOP star Gizelle Bryant caused controversy with her hot pink reunion show outfitCredit: Bravo
The reality show cast glammed up for the Bravo event


The reality show cast glammed up for the Bravo eventCredit: Bravo

Yet the color was not the issue, with some left stunned by the wide-flowing culotte trousers and others taking fire at Gizelle’s diamante belt.

One took to Twitter to bluntly proclaim: “One thing about Gizelle…. She gonna miss each and every time.”

Another raged: “Gizelle with that damn jump suit dress and belt,” while a third put: “I thought Gizelle had on a gown with a high slit. Im just now realizing its a culotte jumpsuit… CULOTTE JUMPSUIT. With a beauty supply store belt #RHOP.”

One then confessed: “I love Gizelle but we in season 6, she gotta stop getting her reunion dresses from Sears #RHOP”

A RHOP viewer didn’t hold back as they added: “Gizelle did everything I expected her to do, DISAPPOINT.

“This theme was right up her alley with the pink & Barbie theme and she still looked a thrift store, baptist church, Macy’s 94% off clearance rack hot pink mess.”

One followed up with: “Just seen the #RHOP reunion outfit pics and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD someone get Gizelle a new stylist.”

Yet Gizelle’s loyal followers were quick to bat back the trolls, with one writing: “Anyone hating on Gizelle is ignoring the fact that she’s literally a top tier housewife who understands the assignment fully, is an OG, and is possibly the most gorgeous HW’s ever. to be so blind. #RHOP.”


Gizelle was married to pastor Jamal Bryant for seven years.

The pair got divorced in 2008 as it was believed that Jamal had been involved in an extramarital affair.

After 12 years of being separated, the couple rekindled their relationship in 2019.

Jamal and Gizelle have three children: Grace, 15, and twins Angel and Adore Bryant, 14. 

She also works in philanthropy and teamed up with the Birmingham City Council to help with environmental advocacy and redevelopment of the Alabama city.

In addition, she has done charity work for Hill Harper’s Manifest Your Destiny Foundation.

Gizelle also owns a makeup brand called EveryHue Beauty.


The couple reunited on the show and Gizelle confessed that she still wanted to “grow old” with Jamal. 

Gizelle said: “I am at this point where I’m like, ‘Who do I wanna grow old with? Who do I want to travel the world with? Who do I want to share my life with?’

“Because, you know, I’m doing some great things out here, and I wanna share it with somebody.

“There was no other person that I could possibly think of than him – that’s number one.”

She continued: “Number two, I was listening to an interview with Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives, and the guy asked them, ‘If you guys got locked up in jail and you had one call, who would you call to get you out?’ And both of them said their ex-husbands and I was like … Jamal!

“There’s nobody but Jamal to get me out of jail because I know he will die to protect me and to take care of me and to make sure that I’m good.”

Jamal and Gizelle have been working on their relationship and co-parenting as they rekindled their love last year. 

He has also fathered Topaz, 22, and a younger son John Bryant, 5.

Fans called for Gizelle to get a 'new stylist' as they compared her look to the rest of the cast


Fans called for Gizelle to get a ‘new stylist’ as they compared her look to the rest of the castCredit: Bravo
Gizelle and Jamal have rekindled their relationship


Gizelle and Jamal have rekindled their relationshipCredit: Getty
Gizelle's fashion sense has divided fans


Gizelle’s fashion sense has divided fansCredit: Getty
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