Richard Gere’s Wedding With Cindy Crawford Was Nothing Short Of Dramatic

Cindy Crawford was the beauty of the ’90s. Aside from gracing several magazine covers and runaways, the model appeared flawless in music videos and movies.

Known for her many talents, trademark dark hair, and the beauty mark on her upper lips, Crawford has excelled in the various ventures she has embarked on, including her adventure into the business world.

Aside from her thriving career, Crawford is happily married and is a mom of two. The actress and her heartthrob, businessman Rande Gerber, tied the knot in1998, but before finding love, Crawford had different famous exes and was even divorced after a hurried marriage.

A typical American supermodel, Crawford’s athletic build makes it impossible to overlook her when in need of stunning beauty to walk down the runway.

Since the 1980s, Crawford has been one of the most celebrated models worldwide. She has also signed several multi-million endorsement deals with global brands such as Pepsi and Revlon.

Although the modeling world has had prominent names like Lauren Hutton and Cheryl Tiegs, neither achieved the prolonged fame and success enjoyed by Crawford.

Like her contemporaries, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, Crawford’s fame as a model rivaled some of the best movie stars in Hollywood. Born on February 20, 1966, in DeKalb, Illinois, Crawford’s beauty had always been her standout feature.

In her early years, the model was widely known for her intellectual prowess in school, but that coupled with her pretty face would be all she needed to become a star.

After enrolling in Chicago’s Northwestern University for a degree in chemical engineering, Crawford’s academic adventure was cut short after she dropped out of school in her freshman year to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.

Life as a model got off to a good start. Although the modeling industry was fiercely competitive, Crawford won the “Look of the Year” contest in 1982, and not long after that, she was featured on the cover of “Vogue Magazine.”

Crawford’s interviews about her vulnerability helped make her the public’s favorite. The model opened up on the difficult childhood she endured, which included the trauma of seeing her parents divorce and losing her brother to leukemia.

Her confessions humanized her image, and she was perceived as approachable. Soon, she became a frequent feature of popular commercials and shows, and her popularity continued to soar.

While her career was remarkable, it was only matched by her controversial personal life. Crawford was often linked to several high-profile celebrities and was constantly surrounded by rumors which suggested she was gay.

Her most famous relationship came in 1991 when the charming supermodel married famous actor Richard Gere. At the time, Gere was 42 while Crawford was 26, and both stars were at the height of their stardom.

The romance between Gere and Crawford happened almost three decades ago but continues to be remembered as one of Hollywood’s most controversial romances. Their relationship ended almost as fast as it started.

The former couple met in 1988 at a BBQ, and soon, they became the most sought-after couple. Fans loved seeing them together, and a romance between the acting world and the modeling industry looked magical.

Despite the age difference when they met, both stars seemed to move on fine, but the young Crawford wanted them to exchange vows, while Gere was a bit hesitant about taking such a huge step.

Crawford finally broke Gere’s resolve not to be married when she gave him the ultimatum. She reportedly informed him of her desire to move on if they weren’t moving to the next level by getting married.

The “Pretty Woman” actor was already hopelessly in love with the supermodel, and her ultimatum was not only frightening to him, but it also pushed him to take the step he dreaded.

Gere eventually decided to wed Crawford, but their choice of a wedding would create more publicity than their relationship. Rather than a traditional celebrity wedding that would feature gold rings, luxury outfits, and grand scenes, the duo attempted the unthinkable.

On December 21, 1991, Gere, who was filming his upcoming movie “Mr Jones,” took a break from work and asked Crawford and a few of his close buddies to join him on a private jet.

The small crew of friends journeyed from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where they visited the Little Chapel of the West to exchange their vows. Crawford showed her love for the absurd when she chose to shun traditional wedding outfits by rocking a stunning navy suit from Armani.

Their wedding location was previously used by another famous couple Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, only that their union defied all expectations and was far from a fairytale wedding.

One of the talking points of the hurried wedding was when the couple exchanged their wedding rings. Rather than a piece of jewelry, both stars exchanged rings made out of aluminum foil.

Crawford would later go on to admit that the event was far from what she had dreamed of, adding that it was a last-minute move.

After four years together, their union came to a much-anticipated end. Various reasons were cited as the reason the romance failed to live up to its expectation, and Crawford noted that their busy schedules made it difficult for them to spend time together.

Other reports revealed that Gere and Crawford’s marriage was merely a publicity stunt as both parties were in same-sex relationships at the time and simply wanted to cover their tracks. The former couple refuted such claims and branded them false.

Reflecting on her marriage, Crawford admitted that she was quite young when their marriage took place, but she doubted if she ever had a bond with the famous actor. She noted that Gere was like a stranger, and they barely had any ties together.

Decades after the marriage ended, both stars have pursued different interests and faced different fates. Gere has been married twice since his failed marriage with Crawford, while the actress continues to enjoy her fairytale union with her husband, Gerber.


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