Ryan Seacrest Given Intervention Over Struggling Health, Friends Worried?

Did Ryan Seacrest‘s team stage an intervention for him? One magazine reports the Live! with Kelly and Ryan host’s grueling work schedule has taken a toll on his health. Let’s check in with the veteran TV personality.

Report Asks ‘What’s Really Going On’ With Ryan Seacrest?

This week’s edition of Us Weekly reports Ryan Seacrest raised some eyebrows among concerned fans after being mysteriously absent from Live! for over a week. He was missed dearly while he was gone, and many were left to wonder if Seacrest is okay. People were quick to point to Seacrest’s workaholic tendencies as the reason for his absence. And now, the tabloid claims to have the inside scoop.

“It’s far worse than Ryan’s making it out to be,” an insider dishes. Apparently, Seacrest is suffering from multiple health issues — including exhaustion. “His team was so concerned they staged an intervention,” another source adds. “Ryan’s in bad [shape].” While a third source agrees, insisting that Seacrest’s health was in dire condition, another insider insists there’s no reason to worry.

“Ryan has been doing his [radio show] live on the air, [and is getting ready] to head to Austin for American Idol auditions,” the tipster explains. “I’m proud that he recognizes he needs to find windows of time to rest during these busy windows of work.”

Ryan Seacrest Resting Up?

So, what exactly is the story here? Ryan Seacrest was so overworked that his team staged an intervention to get him to slow down, but he also might have decided to take some time to rest all on his own? The tabloid’s refusal to stick to one story is a serious red flag.

Here’s the thing: Seacrest was taking the time to rest. He said as much in an Instagram post last week. But according to Seacrest, he was the one that recognized that he needed the time off. In the caption, Seacrest wrote, “I’m ready and excited for everything coming up but just like many others over the last 18 months of the pandemic, I have been working around the clock and recognized the importance of taking time to focus on myself.”

We have no reason to doubt Seacrest’s version of things, and we’re glad he took the time to get some much-needed rest. It’s unlikely that anyone who cares about Seacrest enough to stage an “intervention” for him would then go and blab about to a tabloid. It’s obvious the magazine was just trying to milk drama out of Seacrest’s vacation.

The Tabloids On Ryan Seacrest’s Health

But this is far from the first time we’ve debunked a rumor about Seacrest’s health. Not too long ago, In Touch claimed Seacrest was leaving Live! because of his health. Then, the National Enquirer alleged Seacrest’s health was in crisis after a Botox injection went wrong. The Enquirer also reported Seacrest was “reeling toward an early grave” after a health scare. Clearly, the tabloids don’t have any insight into Seacrest’s health.


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