Sasha Alexander Children Share Striking Resemblance to the Actress

Sasha Alexander and her husband Edoardo Ponti are proud parents of two children who share a striking resemblance to the actress. Meet the adorable kids. 

Love is a beautiful thing, and it most often begets lovely things. Just ask Edoardo Ponti and his actress wife, Sasha Alexander. Their love has made them parents to two children, both of whom they love to pieces as is evident from their social media posts.

The first child Edoardo and Sasha welcomed after their marriage in August 2007 was a girl they named Lucia, while their second, a boy, was named Leonardo — he had members of the family, including the grandmas, wrapped around his pinkie from day one.

Sasha’s Instagram contains pictures that capture the time they’ve spent together, and it is always refreshing to see how happy they look.

During the pandemic last year, the family enjoyed some quality time together. The event that saw most of the human population hiding indoors had an intimate undercurrent as families all over the world stranded together got to celebrate life.

For Father’s Day, Sasha took to her Instagram page with a picture that featured Edoardo posing with his daughter and son, both of whom looked very much like their mother.

In her caption, she listed off some of his characteristics before declaring love for him on behalf of herself and their kids. When Thanksgiving came around, Sasha commemorated the day with a picture she shared on Instagram.

It captured her and her family posing outdoors with the family dog. Her daughter clocked fifteen this year, and as expected, Sasha took to her social media feed to celebrate. She posted a series of shots via Instagram.

The first picture was the most recent of all three photos in the slide. It featured Sasha and Lucia posing together outdoors with happy smiles on their faces.

The other two pictures that followed were throwbacks of Lucia. In her caption, Sasha revealed that her daughter at 15 is taller and more organized than she is.

The proud mother also described Lucia as “a thinker, a dancer, and a super funny human.” They share such a close bond that Lucia has a nickname for her mother — “girly pop.”

Everyone can agree that parenting can be done via different methods depending on the family. Sasha was raised as an only child, which means she has never known what it is like to have a sibling. This is why watching her two kids squabble with each other brings her a measure of amusement.

“It’s really fun to watch the kids interact and fight and just provoke each other,” the “Rizzoli & Isles” star once told People. “There’s a whole dynamic there that I’m sort of glad I didn’t have — but it’s really fun to watch as a parent!”

Sasha knew her daughter was capable of great tenderness where her younger brother was concerned; however, the little girl also knew exactly how to push his buttons.

To stop that from happening too often, Sasha decided to implement a household rule when her kids, Lucia and Leonardo, were ages seven and 2½, respectively. It was a simple one — if Lucia made her brother cry, she became responsible for him for the rest of the day.

A few months ago, Sasha and her husband, director Edoardo Ponti, became the owners of a house in Los Angeles. The house was built in Spanish style, and it boasted fantastic architecture including elegant archways, built-ins, and quaint windows.

“When my husband and I saw it, we both fell in love with it immediately,” Sasha says. “The home had great bones and a lot of character.”

Sasha and her husband were attracted to said character, so they decided to completely refurbish the house before moving in. The first thing they did was to “strip the house down to its bare bones” and replaced it as much as they wanted.

A Danish architecture book inspired the new woodwork they used throughout the house; as for decorations, the couple’s existing collection of French and Italian antiques were mixed with thoughtful pieces.

Most of the house had a subdued base for color with the exception of the Children’s rooms, which had extra touches of color. Sasha and her husband opted for neutral color pallettes because it is more soothing to them.

By the time the couple was finished with the building, it was transformed into a paradise filled with light and a good vibe their family could enjoy.


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