Savannah Chrisley Admits Todd Bribes Her To Hide Secrets From Julie

In a recent Chrisley USA Instagram post, fans learn a Chrisley family secret. The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch, Todd Chrisley bribes his daughter, Savannah to hide secrets from her mom, Julie. Keep reading to find out more.

A Chrisley family secret is revealed on Chrisley Knows Best

In a trailer for Chrisley Knows Best, fans learn a Chrisley family secret. Viewers can tell that something is up from the beginning of the clip. Julie Chrisley does not look happy and what she says next confirms that. Savannah’s mom says, “Savannah, I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.”

Apparently, Julie has some questions after Savannah went with Todd to drop Chloe off someplace. From the looks of Julie’s face and body language, she’s going to get to the bottom of what’s going on. However, it doesn’t take much for the Sassy by Savannah creator to spill all the tea.

Long story short, Todd is in the habit of bribing his kids to get the information that he wants. The caption of the video shares that “It didn’t take much for @savannahchrisley to spill the tea.” Savannah shares that her dad said he’d get Chloe a bike if Chloe got him information about a house. But, Chloe isn’t the only person that accepts bribes. Savannah spills that she’s supposed to get a pair of shoes. Savannah says that Julie can’t tell Todd that the information came from her until after she gets her shoes.

Fans react to Savannah accepting a bribe

While Julie Chrisley thinks this situation is all kinds of wrong, the family’s fans find it thoroughly entertaining. Julie has a fan in her corner. The fan writes, “Julie puts up with way to much from the whole family.”

Notably, fans have questions. They want to know which house Chloe is getting intel from. One comment suggests that Chloe visits Savannah at her new house. Interestingly enough, Savannah’s new house is her parent’s old house. So, Todd could want intel about what Savannah’s done since they’ve moved out.

Another question fans want to know is whether or not she got the shoes. Julie didn’t seem too keen on waiting to talk to her husband about what’s going on. Do you think Savannah got her shoes from her dad? Let us know your thoughts about this clip in the comment section below.


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