Savvy mum shares ‘life-saving’ place she hides her snacks from kids & it’s ‘husband-proof’ too

HERE are some of the things we gave up when we became mums: all sense of personal space, a full night’s sleep and the ability to watch a full movie from start-to-finish.

But there’s one thing we’ve clung on to all this time which still makes us feel like our old selves – and that’s our secret chocolate stash.


At first glance, this looks like any old box of washing tabletsCredit: Facebook/ Mel Coey
Mel uses the old boxes to hide snacks from her husband


Mel uses the old boxes to hide snacks from her husbandCredit: Facebook/ Mel Coey

To stop our little ones getting their hands on it, we take it upon ourselves to move our secret hiding place once every couple weeks or so.

However, savvy mum Mel Coey has shared her “life-saving” spot for hiding her snacks.

And we can guarantee it’s somewhere your kids will never think to look.

Posting on the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, Mel explained how she puts her favourite treats in an old washing tablet box.


Raving about her life hack, Mel wrote: “Not just for kids – childproof boxes are great for keeping kids snacks from husband too!

“1. He never goes near the box

2: He can’t even open them!”

Genius right? Well if you’re thinking of doing this at home, it’s important to thoroughly wash the box beforehand.

Mel added: “I’m glad you all love this, just bare in mind to wash them out thoroughly before using, and only put snacks that are in wrappers just in case.”

The post has racked up over 4,500 “likes” in the group and other parents were loving the idea.

One replied: “So doing this!!! Thank you so much. With 3 men in my house I will definitely need this as they grow up!!”

Another added: “This is a fab idea. I’m going to do this no one touches the washing stuff in my house either!”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “They are definitely husband proof!”

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