Savvy mum shares way she gets refunds after forgetting to cancel her subscriptions

WANT to cancel an iPhone subscription, but have absolutely no idea where to begin?

Many of us have found ourselves downloading apps to get ‘three months free’ but then forgetting to download it once the free time is up.


Woman shares way to get a refund on subscription cancellationsCredit: @yasminecamilla/Tiktok

So if a subscription is automatically renewed and you’re paying for something you forgot to cancel and longer need, one woman has revealed the way you can get a refund.

Or if you accidentally set up a subscription that you didn’t intend to, you can also use this method.

Yasmine Camilla posted her tip to her TikTok account ‘yasminecamilla’, where she regularly shares budgeting tips and ways to save money.

She uploaded the video with the caption ‘I’ve wasted soooo many ££££’.

Yasmine explained: “Just in case you didn’t know, if you accidentally set up a subscription or you forget to cancel it, on the Apple App Store you can ask for a refund.

“You go to ‘Report a Problem’ and you say you want a refund and you didn’t intend to renew.”

Clearly the video has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 130.7k views.

It has 5,991 likes, 75 comments and 143 shares.


One person said: “It worked!!! I got £88 back! I was gutted when it happened.”

Another added: “Just had my refund come through. I did mine as soon as I saw your video so thank you.”

A third commented: “Yeah did this a couple of weeks ago, within 48 hours they refunded.”

Apple have more information on requesting a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple on their website.

Many were not aware of this and have now cancelled their subscriptions and got a refund


Many were not aware of this and have now cancelled their subscriptions and got a refundCredit: @yasminecamilla/Tiktok

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